Tuesday, April 15, 2008


This weekend was the HAED SAL Challenge Weekend and I pulled out Swimming with Dolphins. I aimed for about 200 stitches per day and I averaged just a touch over that for the weekend. I feel like I made significant progress; she has an upper body now and that's always a good thing ;)

**clickable thumbnail**

On the knitting front. I had rattled off a few more Barn Raising Squares last week. Now I have 5 out of about 84ish squares.

Represented here are STR Nodding Violet, STR Lucy, and some leftover stuff that I believe was a Regia Cotton.


StarSpry said...

Swimming with the Dolphins is looking good! I love the Barn Raising Squares :D

2paw said...

SWD is looking good. I like your 200 stitches a day plan too!!

Michelle said...

Dang! Look at you go with those squares!
The cross stitch looks great. Now that the craft room is nearly how I want it I plan on pulling out mine so it's not such a stretch of my brain to work on it. :D

Mel in Dubai said...

Swimming With Dolphins is coming along "swimmingly", Kim :) Sorry, couldn't resist - I think the paint fumes have gotten to me, lol!!