Sunday, April 20, 2008

Barn Raising Love/Possible Addiction

As my stash is not really loaded with bright colors(which Diva is all about) I had to get a few skeins of stuff to brighten up her Barn Raising Blanket which I'm thinking will actually turn into the TV room Barn Raising Blanket--meaning it's for her, DH, and Rage--we'll see how that one goes over later. Otherwise I'll need to make a couple more blankets at some point(and no they probably won't all be this pattern).

There are 4 skeins of ShiBuiKnits Sock and 1 skein of Pagewood Farm Hand Dyed Sock yarn(the cotton candy pink one).

Why I love the Barn Raising Quilt:
**I have been wanting something to do with my sock yarn leftovers and my substantial sock yarn stash.
**the squares are easy to knit--perfect for knitting group knitting and TV time.
**the squares are portable
**it's fun to see how sock yarn patterns when it's used this way
**it is something that will last longer than a sock does
**it's something everyone can see, whereas sometimes socks are under wraps(or pants as the case may be).
**it gave me a great place to showcase my STR stash which my DH greatly enhanced when he gave me a big old gift certificate last Christmas


Marina said...

Ooo, a girl after my own heart! Love those bright, happy colours.

I need to remember that pattern when I'm ready to admit that I will never be a sock knitter ;-)

WandaWoman said...

Ohhhh, Shibui Sock yarn, where did you get it? Online or at Colorful? Hmm, I need some of that.

it's true that some of the 100% merino sock yarns don't always last as long when knitted up in socks. They are so easy to purchase though.

I have a feeling that sock square afghan will be my next knitting obsession. Right now I'm working on some dishcloths. My kitchen stash is getting low. I expect by May I'll be ready to dive headfirst into squares.

Stitch-n-Snitch said...

What? Your stash isn't loaded with vibrant, bright color?! Once again, we're twins. :)

Mary-Kay said...

My first square is done and it is stunning! It's out of the same green shibui that you have there. I finished it last night, obsessively knitting away to David Letterman. I've already cast on to square two.

LOVE IT!@ I can't wait to see what we all come up with!

SOOOOO great seeing you Friday night!

Stacey said...

Now those are some great colors!

Knit Eat Sleep said...

I love that blanket too! It would be a great use of my left over sock yarn too! :)

I look forward to watching yours grow.

Jamie Crissman said...

Can you tell me where to find the pattern for the squares? And is it something a very new knitter (still at the two needle, garter stitch stage --) can manage -? I really love the concept .... thanks!