Monday, March 31, 2008

Wee Tiny Sock Swap 2008

I finished not one but two Wee Tiny Socks.

The first was a practice sock. Just to get the feel of the needles.

Pattern: Wee Tiny Sock pattern modified to 24 stitches and using the pattern repeat from the Show Off socks(which I think are only available on Ravelry?)
Needles: size 0 bamboo dpns--I NEED to find short, metal size 0's because those bamboo things are now warped beyond recognition. I'm thankful I didn't break any though--that is a small miracle.
Yarn: Cherry Tree Hill/Louet Gems fingering in Caribou Creek

I would have been happy to send to that sock off BUT once I did a little friendly spying on my pal, I realized that she is really into green. Now this presents a problem for me who really does not have much green going on in the stash. I searched and searched and found yarn to make this:

Pattern: Wee Tiny Sock modified with an Eye of Partridge heel
Needles: Again with the flimsy 0's
Yarn: Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in Turquoise(which is blue-green; I'm hoping she'll like it)

Not to give too much away but my sock is taking an incredible journey--for much cheaper than I could--and I can't wait to see if it makes it in one piece!

This was fun and I'd definitely do it again. Thanks Stacey for the heads up!
Sam and Kelly played along too. All three produced great socks :)


Stitch-n-Snitch said...

I don't have short metal 0s, but I do have some 8" size 0 addi metal dpns that you'd be more than welcome to if you'd like them. :)

Laura said...

Those are adorable! LOL :-)

WandaWoman said...

Too cute. It cracks me up that you knit two teeny socks. Not that it took any time, really!

CynCyn said...

both wee socks are so cute! but might I ask about the use of your bayerische sock yarn on the wee sock? what does that mean?

Corwink said...

ooohhhh I love the first one! Great colors. I can't believe you made two pairs! I cast on with the thinking that sock one would be a practice run. I got about halfway through it and said ok there is no way I am doing another one. I thought my needles were going to snap each time I picked up a stitch. It all worked out in the end. Let me know if you find some shorty metal needles in tiny sizes. The wood just makes me too nervous.

Sam said...

I love the Eye of Partridge heel! And that colour is great. I'm sure your swap partner is going to love them.