Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I love thee, I Love Thee

Last weekend there was a HAED SAL for backgrounds and I have no shortage of pieces that need background stitching done. I decided to work on I Love Thee(Seed) for a couple of reasons: one, it is on my yearly goals to finish two pages on this piece and two, I love the piece.

This piece is kind of an experiment in HAED stitching. Normally I start all my HAED pieces in the top left corner, this one I started in the middle AND I am flying without a net and not gridding. I figured this was a good piece to experiment with as it doesn't have that many colors.

When I sat down to stitch this weekend I realized that in order to work on background I need to work a page above where I was. Now I am in no way brave enough to try and count my way to the top of a page that I am not currently working on--for me I think it would be stitching suicide especially on 28 count over 1--SO I decided to work my way up to the background. I ended up doing a kind of reverse parking method. I worked from right to left and parked up in 10x14 stitch blocks. Even though it feels really awkward it seems to be working out okay.

Here is where I ended up:
I Love Thee--25Mar08

I think I may keep this one out until the next SAL Challenge weekend in April.

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Laura said...

Great progress, gf. That reverse parking thing looks like it's working out well. :-)