Tuesday, February 26, 2008

It's been a great month :)

I'm hoping that all the good things that have happened this month are harbingers of even more good things to come. It was great to start the month in Hawaii and it is equally great to end the month with my birthday.

I never really expect a lot on my birthday--most of the time I don't want to be reminded of how old I'm getting--and I'm always pleasantly surprised when I do end up getting gifts. This year was no exception.

My husband, Diva, and Rage got me a new digital camera(which I still have to play around with before it becomes my primary camera).

My parents sent me money which is always a great present in my book. I used it to get this:

And the knitting crew(and blogless Genia) gave me a bounty of knitting goodness. Thank you, thank you--your friendships are what really mean the world to me, but the gifties are pretty cool too ;)

Wanda picked out an awesome bag(it's actually home to my Trekking is for Necking scarf right now).

And I broke with the tradition of not cooking on my birthday so that I could make myself a mini Hawaiian feast which included Kalua pig, Lomi Lomi salmon, rice, and Haupia--mmmmmmmmmm, it was YUMMY!

All in all it has been a great month :) Here's to hoping that March follows suit!

**And completely off topic, did anyone watch the Oscars? Tilda Swinton--good grief--what was up with her whole look? She looked like she was a part of some creepy cult or a man, I'm not sure which. It is still creeping me out. A little make up and a different dress and she could have been stunning.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

A knitting finish!!

I finished my second pair of Jaywalker socks last night. I started these a while ago then I got sidelined by Halloween knitting, Sheep in the City knitting, and Baby A knitting.

Pattern: Jaywalker socks(I'm not linking to it because, honestly, just about everyone knows where it is, right?
Yarn: Red Rocks Fiber Works Aspen Sock in the No Repeat colorway**
Needles: size 2 dpns, smaller cast on

It's also the inaugural photoshoot for my new sock blockers.

**FYI this yarn was dyed with some leftover stuff and so it's a limited edition--hence, the "No Repeat" name. I'm not sure if there is any of it left at Colorful Yarns but they do have a bunch of other Red Rocks yarn if you're lookin' ;)

Souvenir Highlights

When DH won the trip I was thrilled with that, I mean who can argue with airfare and hotel? I certainly didn't expect anything else, but after we checked into the hotel he had to go check in with the coordinators and he came back with not one but two bags full of ProBowl swag. I didn't care too much about the footballs, baseball hats, and souvenir programs BUT I saw the bags and told him without hesitation--"Those are mine." Diva and Rage claimed the beach towels and neck pillows but those two giant tote bags were perfect for knitting or a weekend bag or whatever. They look like those LLBean or Lands End canvas totes they even have zippers if you want to close them up--I mean, what more can a crafter ask for and they are HUGE! The pillow pictured below is inside that bag with ample room to spare(and the pillow is 16x16 inches or 40x40cm). :)

Almost 10 years ago DH and I were married in Hawaii and I really wanted to commemorate that anniversary with a Hawaiian quilt, but the cost of a real, queen-sized Hawaiian quilt is a little out of my range right now so I settled for a pillow which uses our wedding colors(our bridesmaids wore navy dresses). I love this one! When I lived over there, I looked into Hawaiian quilting classes but honestly I don't think I have the patience required for it; that being said, I really appreciate the work and talent that goes into them(well any quilt for that matter but especially Hawaiian ones). Do you see the dolphins?

I'm hoping that for 15 years my queen sized Hawaiian quilt will be covering my bed :)

I also got a couple of t-shirts. One from Crazy Shirts which is dyed with Hibiscus and one from KMart of all places that says "Skully Stout" on the back and you know it's got the coolest skull on the front and back ;).

**Just an aside, if you ever find yourself in Hawaii and want a t-shirt or if you just want a cool, durable tee then you need to get a Crazy Shirts shirt because you can't wear them out and I love their dyed shirts. The chocolate and coffee dyed shirts actually smell like chocolate and coffee for quite a while--it's great when you pull them out of the dryer. Diva got a chocolate dyed shirt, DH got a Ti Leaf dyed shirt, and Rage got one with a Tiger shark on it(because he didn't like the dyed ones).

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

HAEDLess Sampler SAL--2/12

Provence Sampler--19Feb08

I got a few letters done this weekend in between transporting the kiddos around town.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Knitting Progress

Miss Cynthia asked what I accomplished on the flight to and from Honolulu.

Well let me enlighten you all. When flying for over 7 hours with two young children, personal time for things like knitting, reading, zoning out, etc. are at a premium(ie. one or both of them needs to fall asleep and not on me). Mostly I colored, played cards, played various games bought specifically for the flight. I also adjusted headphones, took people to the potty, got snacks, explained about 1,000 times why the DVD player crapped out after two hours(they really need to make a DVD player with a battery that lasts for 8-12 hours just for this specific situation), and stuff like that. Luckily Rage passed out after a near meltdown after the DVD player died and I did find about an hour or so to knit. I alternated between my Jaywalker sock and my Trekking is for Necking scarf. This is actually the ONLY knitting I got done on my trip but I'm more than okay with that.

On the flight back I got zero knitting done because our flight left at 11:15pm, Diva and Rage were sleeping/Rage was sleeping on me, and I was in and out of sleep. I did read for a bit.

I'm looking forward to putting a little time into both projects this weekend in between stitching on my Provence Sampler.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Miles, that is, OR 2698 miles each way. That's what the KiP family logged this weekend when we took a whirlwind trip across the Pacific to Oahu.

ProBowl 2008

Here's the backstory:

About three weeks ago DH called me to tell me he won a trip for two to the ProBowl. To say we were excited and shocked was an understatement, but we didn't stop with the trip for two we added Diva and Rage to the mix for a family trip. Hawaii is a very special place for our family. DH and I were married in Hawaii almost 10 years ago, we lived there for a couple of years(DH lived there longer), and Little Diva was born there. I was surprised we were able to make the plane flights work with such a short window to prepare, but everything worked out and last Thursday morning we took off.

We stayed at the Hilton Hawaiian Village which is a beautiful place. DH and I kept commenting on how strange it was to be in Hawaii as tourists even after all this time(almost 8 years) it still feels like home to us. I was actually homesick as I sat and took everything in.

Morning Sun

I only had a couple of things I wanted to accomplish in Hawaii. One was climbing Diamond Head(the other was eating sushi at our favorite place and let me tell you we did A LOT of that!). The last time I did it I thought I was going to die but at the time I was unaware of the fact that I was pregnant with Diva. It's rated as an easy hike--easy distance and terrain wise. Climbing up about 1.25 miles with no shade and over 200 steps in about 80 degree weather(coming from 30ish degrees the day before) was just a little challenge for the KiP clan, BUT we did it and here's the view to prove it:

Honolulu from Diamond Head

Diva and Rage saw the beach for the first time and they were thrilled beyond all words. Diva, my Hawaiian baby, lived up to her birthplace and was ready to swim out as far as she could. I had to explain to her that the ocean is not like a pool and if you swim out too far it gets really deep and you can get swept away. Luckily Mother Ocean helped out by sweeping Diva back to shore every time she tried to venture out too far.

On the Beach
Thanks to the very friendly Japanese family who were very insistent about taking a picture of the three of us.

Saturday and Sunday were filled with beach and pool time while DH was golfing and attending the ProBowl with his cousin. On Monday, our last day there--we flew out at 11:15pm on Monday night, we spent the day driving around the island and showing the kiddos our old haunts. One of which was here:

Serenity Spot--overlooking Sandy Beach

When I needed a break during my lunch period or work period, I used to drive out here and take in the view. It still has the same effect. The ocean is such a calming presence for me I would get mesmerized for hours as I took all of it in--it was incredible to have the chance to do it again.

We also took the kiddos to Turtle Bay to show them were we got married and, as luck would have it, there were some pseudo big waves that day and that made a really big impression on Diva and Rage. Then we headed back to the airport and bid our Hawaii a fond Aloha!


Back to reality, sigh.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Dolores for Prez

Now this is a platform I can get behind ;)

Monday, February 04, 2008

February Knitting Project

My mission for February is to start AND finish this scarf.

Here are the stats:
Pattern: Trekking for Necking
Yarn: Trekking XXL(colorway 109--purples/blues)--since I'm a February baby I figured I'd knit something in my birthstone colors :)
Needles: size 4--up one from the pattern.

**stay tuned ;)

Friday, February 01, 2008

I'm Flattered :)

I am always surprised when I get comments(or that anyone besides a few people actually read what I put out here) and today I was even more surprised, and extremely flattered, that two people(Michelle and Laura) said my blog is one of the one's that "makes their day". Thanks ladies--that really made my day :)

The Rules:
Give the award to 10 people whose blogs bring you happiness and inspiration and make you feel happy about blogland. Let them know by posting a comment on their blog so they can pass it on. Beware you may get the award several times.

So in that spirit here are my 10:

1. Michelle: I am so inspired by her stitching ability and speed. Her work is made even more impressive by the fact that she gets so much done with a new baby in the house! When I had my kids I didn't stitch at all until Rage was 3!)

2. Nicki: Nicki is another stitcher who inspires me every time she posts. Her WIPs are always stunning and she is fantastic at finishing. I am envious of how much she gets accomplished. Plus I've added quite a bit to my stash by seeing some of the lovely things she does :)

3. Mel: Yet another stitcher who helps keep me motivated with my stitching. I always look forward to seeing her HAED progress pics and reading about her family's adventures. I love the look of her blog too!

4. Laura: she knits, she stitches--what's not to love? Plus she's just gotten into designing. It's always an adventure when I read her posts :)

5. Michelle: Another Michelle :) I am always impressed by the WIPs and the speed with which she gets them done. Also, I've been tempted into quite a few WIPs by looking at hers--I only wish I could knit as fast ;) I'm lucky enough to get to knit with her "in real life".

6. Stitch-n-Snitch: She knits, she designs. . .and she does it all with a family. I can't tell you how many times I've been reading her blog and have said to myself--"Yes, exactly what I was thinking". We have an eerie amount in common(books, music, a healthy Harry Potter obsession); it's always a joy to see what she's up to.

7. Marina: Seriously, just go over there and bask in the glory of all her colorwork talent. Wow! I just say that over and over and over when I read her blog. I'll say it again--Wow!

8. Margene: Margene's blog was one of the first I found and started reading regularly. I was so inspired by her blog that I started my own. I love her thoughtful posts and her pictures--plus she seems to get so much done. Her posts about Utah make me remember what I liked about it.

9. Lolly: How can you read her blog and not be inspired? Her passion for knitting and life are contageous.

10. Chris: If I want to know what is going on around knitting blogland, this is the blog I head to. She seems to know what is going on everywhere. Plus who can resist hearing about Chaos and Mayhem?

**Let me just say that my bloglines in somewhere in the ballpark of 150 blogs so narrowing down to 10 was extremely difficult. Know that even if you aren't mentioned above, I do enjoy sitting down in the mornings and reading through my bloglines with a nice grande something from Starbucks or a Diet Pepsi Max(after I drop off Diva for school and Rage is firmly absorbed in Spongebob). You all inspire me.