Thursday, December 06, 2007


The results of this one are suspect to me. What are the criteria? I guess that helps me feel better about the "G" rating my blog got when I checked that out.

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**We celebrated Rage's 5th Birthday yesterday and it was ALL about Spongebob. Did you ever try to put together one of those Lego kits? It's crazy. The directions are brilliant but when I opened up the box and saw all those pieces I was stunned. DH and I decided that businesses should use those kits as team building exercises.


michaele said...

Mine was elementary! I think someone may be coming by later today to revoke my Ph.D.! ;)

Laura said...

Like Michaele, mine came up as elementary school, too. LOL Definitely makes one wonder what they use for criteria.

Becky said...

I wonder, too, because mine was also elementary. That, and I thought the results returned rather quickly.

WandaWoman said...

Happy Birthday to Little Rage!!