Friday, November 02, 2007


Living out West has many advantages but when you've grown up back East there are some things you miss. One of the biggest for DH and I is that we can't see our favorite hockey teams. We do get NHL season pass on our satellite dish, but we still miss seeing our teams in person.

Well, for me at least, that was remedied last night when the Avs played the Pittsburgh Penguins. I haven't seen the Pens play in person since I lived in Buffalo. Last night was the first time they played the Avs since 2003 or something close to that. DH knows how much I love them and because he loves me he got our family tickets to the game. . .not just any tickets. . . 3rd row, ice level tickets.

It's cool to see a live hockey game anytime. In the "nose bleed" seats(where we usually are) the players look like little ants skating around and you feel like if you fall out of your seat you'll end up on someone's lap two tiers below. In box seats, you have a lot more room to move around, and the privacy is cool. The players still look pretty small, BUT you can see all the plays develop and whatnot. Now, ice level seats--that's a whole new ball game(I've been to AHL games at ice level but never NHL). The players are HUGE! It is incredible.

Sorry the pics are grainy--they are cell phone pictures and they don't entirely do our seats justice because the pictures look a little further away than we really were. If it wasn't for the glass, we could have felt their sweat.

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Crosby(87), Malkin(71), and Staal(11) were the reason I wanted to see them play so badly. And I definitely got my Sidney Crosby fix--he scored both the Pens goals. And of the 5 goals scored in the game(3 by the Avs unfortunately for me), ALL of them were in our end!

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Hockey players are really tall. I know the skates add a little to their height but they are still really tall. Evgeni Malkin is freakishly tall; I still can't get it out of my head. He is HUGE.

I had a fantastic time and now I need to win the lottery or something so I get season tickets down there--it was awesome!

Hopefully next year the Sabres play out here so DH can see his boys play :)


WandaWoman said...

Oh, that was supersweet of the dh to get tickets to the Avs vs. some other hockey team! (haha) I'm glad you had such a great time!

JRS said...

Awesome! Too bad the rest of your family was decked out in Avalanche gear, though! ;-)

I got to see the Pens in the Igloo, Club Level seats, in Nov 2005. Mario was still playing. I had seen them play several times in STL, and once in Boston, but that was the one and only time in Pittsburgh. I'm so glad I made it before he retired (for like, the third time!)