Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Yes, I have been knitting.

Harry Potter Fair Isle Pouch Bag(Gryffindor)

It just needs a lining and fringe and it's done. I struggled through the crochet last night--the bottom and sides weren't too bad but the strap was a nightmare. I really hate crochet(and I say that because I can't do it well and it is in no way a reflection on people who make stuff that doesn't look like a ball of misshapen knots).

Hermione Hat

Here's some more Little Diva sweatshop knitting. I need it done by the end of the month.

I've participated since its inception and this year will be no exception.

3 pairs on deck:

Horcrux socks
One done, one needs to get done


For moi


For Stacey, who is more than welcome to hop on the Little Diva sweatshop bandwagon--after she returns from Russia, that is ;) безопасные путешествия, мой друг (or safe travels my friend)


michaele said...

That bag came out so cte!!! And your jaywalkers are tempting me. I didn't like a lot of the ones other people made, but yours look super cute!

StarSpry said...

Everything looks so great! I really love that bag :)

Laura said...

The bag is wonderful. Love the Jaywalkers. Thanks for reminding me about Socktoberfest!

Wanders off muttering about the need of getting around to trying out that Jaywalker pattern one of these days...

CynCyn said...

bag is great! can't wait to see it (er, it is for you, yes?). Stace is going to love them socks.

Stacey said...

I love them, I love them...aren't you done yet? Gotta do my part and support the Little Diva sweatshop! :)

Mary-Kay said...

Oh boy, the yarn does well in the Jaywalker pattern. LOVE IT! If you knit me a pair, there is a free pair of sock yarn in any colorway you want! NO JOKE!!!

WandaWoman said...

I love how those socks are knitting up in the Jaywalker pattern. They both look great. Congrats on finishing the bag, it looks good too. Little Diva is working your hard, mama! Of course that hat will knit up in no time.

TheBlackSheep said...

LMAO! An enabler? Is that a euphemism for evil yarn pimp? It would fit. :P I'm already weak enough woman! I need no enabling!

Love the bag! Excellent.

And thank you for showing your respects to the sock. It appreciates the sentiment.

Laural said...

Your gryffindor bag is awesome! Good luck on the hermione hat and socks.