Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Talk Like a Pirate Day

Black Bess Cash says, "Get ou' thar--pillage, plunder, an' wreak havoc. Make all o' yer shipmate bretheren proud! Knittin' shipmates--brandish them knitters wi' th' skill o' a master swordsman an' create some shipmate worthy booty."

This post be brought to ye by: Talk Like a Pirate Day


Knit Eat Sleep said...

You crack me up! I heard a DJ on the radio talking like that today!

Laura said...

LOL Love it! :-)

Andrea said...

I am acting director for my staff right now while my boss is on a cruise, and as such I have to go to a daily stand-up meeting with all the directors, the regional forester, and the deputy regional foresters, so all kinds of Forest Service big-wigs in the Intermountain Region. Someone came to the stand-up meeting and talked like a pirate, which somehow came across as both bizarre and hilarious. :)