Thursday, September 06, 2007

Swimming with Dolphins

I managed to squeeze in some time yesterday on Little Diva's cross stitch. Here's the progress:
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It's not a lot but those pieces of seaweed have a surprising number of colors in them. I also worked a little more of the dolphin head(aka the big blob of gray).

Little Diva is loving this so far--although I think she's a bit disappointed that it's not almost done(she's not so accepting of the "it takes time" thing). She has also informed me that she wants this one to go with Swimming with Dolphins. I think I'm her one woman stitching sweatshop ;)

If you want to see an amazing HAED finish--check this out. Here's a link to the chart--just to give you the stats on how big that one is. I'm very, very impressed and envious, Arthemise.


TheBlackSheep said...

Any chance of getting Little Diva started on stitching herself? OK, maybe not on one of those, but on something smaller?

Laura said...

Well, little miss Diva is right. Island Mermaid will be a perfect complementing piece to Swimming with Dolphins.

Michelle's HAED finish is stunning. Thanks for sharing it. I encouraged her to go back over to my Threads board to share. I know everyone there will love to see it, too. :-)

Andrea said...

Sheesh, nothing like cross-stitch to teach patience, right? :) It's looking good!

WandaWoman said...

You are her stitchin' sweatshop laborer! What's wrong with that? Hehe.

Aussie Stitcher said...

Little Diva has good taste. Thanks for the link to the finished HAED. It looks amazing.