Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Halloween--Little Diva style

Yes, the Little Diva "mommy sweatshop" is working in full force this fall. Besides her cross stitch piece I am knitting her two things for her Halloween costume.

You see, my darling daughter wants to be Hermione for Halloween(I couldn't be more thrilled and no I didn't encourage her too much towards this idea ;)). I've already gotten her a Gryffindor robe, a tie, and a uniform--she has an authentic Hermione wand that lights up. I could have knit the sweater, I suppose, but realistically I knew I wouldn't have it done so I bought a black cardigan(a la Order of the Phoenix) and I may duplicate stitch Gryffindor colors on it. I know I'm her mom and just a little biased but she looks TOO CUTE in that uniform--it makes me wish she went to a fancy private school. Since major Halloween knitting wasn't in the picture I figured I could whip up a Hermione hat(for trick or treating in the frozen/rainy/sleeting tundra that is Colorado at the end of October) and this bag:

Pattern: HP House Fair Isle Pouch Bag**kudos to Ravelry without which I wouldn't have found the pattern to begin with
Needles: 4 and 5 16"
Yarn: Encore Worsted(colors 999 and 175)

Lest you think that I do nothing for Rage--as it probably seems due to his limited blog coverage--I tried very, very hard to get him to be Hedwig(I found an awesome costume)--he said NOOOOO. He wants to be Spongebob or Patrick--darn it--so the search continues for a Spongebob costume in his size. I'm also starting a sweater for him(which has nothing to do with Halloween but I didn't want you to think I do nothing for him) and a hat and mittens are in his future too.

Oh, and Little Diva's best friend(who is a boy) decided to be Harry--"so he can match Diva when they trick or treat". How cute!


CynCyn said...

will you put up pics of Little Diva and her best friend when they're all in costume? TOO CUTE!

StarSpry said...

Little Diva & her best friend will be so cute! Very cool pouch bag!

Rosemary said...

Awesomeness! :) I love when (some of the) kids go along with the HP mania :)

WandaWoman said...

That bag is cute and will go well with her costume. We definitely have to see pics from Halloween.