Friday, September 21, 2007

Deathly Hallows Musings

Spoiler Alert--although if you consider yourself a fan of the books and haven't finished Deathly Hallows yet--well, I just don't get it. Moving on:

I have not talked about Deathly Hallows here because I've really been letting it sink in for a few months. I don't really have any problems with the main storyline. I'm a bit disappointed that Harry didn't die and REALLY disappointed Ginny didn't(as my knitting crew knows).

Keep in mind that I am a huge fan of the Mauraders and I really pick apart things about those characters. There are some questions and thoughts that have been lingering in my mind.

**did they "have" to get married? That would explain a lot; although admittedly I haven't analyzed the timeline to figure it out(yet).

**what was the point of Tonks as character? Seriously, I thought that when she was initially introduced it was to show some more good in the Black family tree(outside of Sirius) and possibly to show the Trio someone who is closer to their own age making a difference in the world. She would have been really well utilized if she had shared more with Harry(and Ron) about being an auror--since they had both showed interest in it. The fact that she became a desperate/love sick teenager type was weak.

**The whole Remus/Tonks marriage-baby-death thing. It seemed like an afterthought to me; it happened so quickly and beneath the radar(of the main story line)making it really difficult(for me at least)to become to upset about their passing. Plus after JKR offed Sirius; I really haven't been upset about her killing anyone--the higher the body count got the better ;)

**The Harry/Remus "go be father" discussion. It really irritated me. Harry has had a lot of life experience in his 17 years which all involved keeping himself alive; none of it revolved around an "adult relationship" and certainly had nothing to do with parenting. I don't see Remus putting much creed into the opinion of a 17 year old--I know I wouldn't, but in that conversion Remus came off as the child being chastised by an adult. It totally went against character, to me.

**Snape, dear Snape. Good or evil?
You know whose side Snape was on? Snape's--pure and simple. I don't think good or evil really entered his mind; self preservation and self serving is how he came off to me. And let's not forget to mention creepy--carrying a torch for a childhood crush who never reciprocated it(and who, in fact, has been dead for quite some time)? Let it shape the course of your whole life? Come on, Severus, you're better than that. His hatred of Harry revolved around his resemblance to James and all that brought up for him. What if--a big what if, I know--what if James and Lily had a girl? A girl who favored Lily? How do you think that would have changed things?

**finally Albus Severus Potter?! Really? Seriously? Albus Potter I get. Severus, no way. Let's immortalize my mother's obsessive stalker and the bane of my existence all through school--I'm sure that's what Harry was thinking.

That's it for now; although I'm sure I'll have more after I reread it.


Stitch-n-Snitch said...

>>You know whose side Snape was on? Snape's--pure and simple. I don't think good or evil really entered his mind; self preservation and self serving is how he came off to me.<<

Exactly!!! I get really tired of hearing the "Oh, so he really *was* a good guy" comments. I just shake my head and don't bother to explain because I know people won't get the explanation.

You are so eloquent!! :)

Tina - Ladydove said...

I'm not a harry potter fan, and haven't read much of the books. Is Albus Severus Potter a son of Harry? Maybe she chose those names for the abbreviation. ASP.... isn't Harry a snake talker? (yeah, seen the movie lol)

EnnaVic said...

I agree with just about everything you say - especially about Snape. Totally out for himself.

It is a bit of a relief to 'hear' someone saying the same things I thought on reading the book (I also haven't posted my thoughts yet as i wanted them to settle a bit first).

I found it a weaker book than some of the others in many respects. Still enjoyed the series though :)

CynCyn said...

I, too, was disappointed that Harry didn't stay dead. Would've been more realistic. but all in all, i'm glad that I didn't have any major problem with the storyline. I'll miss looking forward to new books though. For sure.

TheBlackSheep said...

Remus/Tonks - JKR is a romantic. She likes romance, she puts it in. *shrug* I thought it was cute, but could have been done a bit differently. I think the point of both of their characters was to show the brutality of people you know and love dying. She had to introduce people into Harry's life that he would seriously regret losing, and then they had to die. It underscores the horridness of the whole Voldemort regime. She wanted to bring it home since it had all only been referred to before.

Harry/Remus discussion: I thought that was in character for Harry. he knew what it was like to grow up without a father and didn't want that to happen to Teddy. Remus realized this when Harry screamed at him and that's why he listened.

Not touching Snape. Not with a ten foot pole. :P

The kid's name thing? - I know she was trying to immortilize the characters she liked and/or felt earned it, and that's her right as an author, but I found it a bit kitchy personally. I think that with the Severus thing, she was trying to rehabilitate Sirius and let people know that Harry forgave him. That again, would be in character for Harry as she meant him to be a good guy. You have to remember, they are "children's" books and she was aiming to set up role models. We get enough of reality as it is (imho), injecting some Beaver Cleaver into kids nowadays cannot hurt, even if it isn't entirely realistic.