Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Tired but worth it.

Last night Sheep in the City, The Knitty Professor, and I got to see Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. We arrived very early so we could get good seats.

It was people watching at its finest, folks. I felt very much as if I was back in the high school classroom. Ah, teenagers--so much angst, so little thought into what clothing actually looks good on you. Then there were the 10 year olds sitting next to us--providing the best quote of the evening "Go Legos" or whatever it was that one kid kept I get it; your mom let you go to movie at midnight and it makes you feel cool to yell things at the screen WAY more times than necessary(this was all before the feature started, mind you). I personally liked one trip I made to restroom where one of a group of young ladies dressed in their Hogwarts slutty attire(did you know that was one of the required uniforms--besides dress robes and the regular uniform?)looked at herself in the mirror and said, "I look f*cking hot". No sweety, you looking f*cking sleazy but maybe someday you'll learn the difference. I also really liked someone holding a silhouette of the Dark Mark on the screen, the quidditch match(complete with tiny brooms), and the dueling Harry and Draco. This entertainment plus having time to knit and chat with two great friends made the 4.5 hours waiting go by fairly quickly.

I won't go too much into the movie as The Knitty Professor provided a great review this morning. On the whole I loved the movie. Sybil Trelawney's big scene really provided the most emotion for me during the evening which is sad considering what happened to my favorite character in book 5 which I felt was not given enough screen time to really portray the emotion of the scene. Snape's worst memory could have been expanded on a bit too. I mean the movie was just a touch over 2 hours--they could have put in another 30 minutes or so.

That being said I will be going to see it at least two more times :)

**Oh and just an FYI. Next week when the REALLY big Harry Potter event happens, I will NOT be online until I'm done reading. And quite honestly I won't be on the phone, watching TV, or even talking to my family more than absolutely necessary. Priorities you know ;)


CynCyn said...

I hear tell that duct tape works well as both a gag and to keep lips shut. Also very difficult to get out of when used as restraints. I can't wait to go see the movie!!! Wish I had been able to join you guys again.

Chris said...

Big laughs at your commentary on teenage "fashion" attire!

Michaele said...

that was so much fun last night! glad to have seen it with two knitting/HP fans!!!

They never do give us enough snape in any of these movies, do they?

Terby said...

I keep seeing mumbles of possible spoilers, and I'm not pleased about that. Sometime before the release, I think I'm going into hiding so nothing gets spoiled and I can enjoy my read.

Is it possible to have enough Snape?

Michelle said...

Glad you enjoyed the movie and your people watching! I may go into hiding when the book comes out might be safer that way.