Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Random Thoughts

Sorry I've been missing but I've been in full on reading mode this last week. I finished Order of the Phoenix last night and I need to finish Half Blood Prince by Friday. I'm really enjoying rereading the books but it is also taking up all of my free time. For the first time since the HAED SAL started I've opted to miss this month's update(we're allowed to miss 2).

I did get some knitting done though(no pics yet sorry). Don't get too excited for me. The only reason I had time to knit yesterday is that I was stuck at the Ford dealership for 4+ hours(with Diva and Rage). Getting the truck fixed--for the second time since July 5th, for a problem that was supposed to be fixed during the two days they had it before. Yesterday was NOT the day for my friendly, albeit somewhat incompetent Ford service rep, to have to deal with me. I went in there ready for a fight(spurred on by PMS, too much information I know). Long story short, the truck needed a $30 part to stop my "door ajar" sensor from going on and off at will and it was ONLY $100 for labor--because IFSR(incompetent Ford Service Rep) was giving me a "discount". I needed to consider, he said, that they had the truck for 4 hours. I said well YOU need to consider that you just had the truck for 2 DAYS to solve the SAME problem; you also need to consider that I have been stuck here for 4 hours with 2 starving kids because you couldn't do your job the first time. He stuck to his story that it was the best he could do. I'll be contacting Ford's customer service.

Just a sidenote to that. I'm not sure why I went to college because apparently if you work in $#&*@ Ford's service department you make $50 every 30 minutes(as quoted from IFSR). Seriously, do the math there people. $100 per hour AND the best part is you don't actually have to fix the problem you're being paid $100 and hour to solve. I won't even get into the sexist comments made by one of the salesmen while he was training future salesmen to sell cars to women(they were practicing with a truck located by the waiting area).

Onto happier things. I've found some sites lately that I'm loving. I thought I'd share although I'm sure some of you have already seen them:
50 Books, who also happened to have posted a link to this quiz for the Harry Potter/Literature Major--love it!
Storm Moon Knits--awesome Dark Mark patterns
Beck's Blog--I'm envious of her crochet skills

Then lacefreak and missalicefaye for lace knitting--wow!

And finally, if you want to take a year of your life to do 25 things for charity, then join up, I did.


Chris said...

Oh, that sucks. I must say I'm happy not having a Ford anymore because I hated the dealership here, too. IFSR should be happy you left him alive, under those conditions!

Michaele said...

ha! that quiz is so my life!!