Monday, July 30, 2007

Catching up with MS3

After a near disaster on Saturday, I finally finished Clue 2 from MS3. Thanks to Stacey and Cynthia for keeping me from ripping the whole thing out(yes, I was at that point).

Here it is basking in the mountain glory:

So here's the topic of the day: lifelines--friend or foe? useful or useless?

Right now I'm in the foe and useless camp, because the lifeline is what actually caused the problem this weekend.

Lots to post this week. Here's what's on the agenda:
**3 finishes
**purchases and presents


Chris said...

Oh no, the lifeline CAUSED the problem?! Eeek!

WandaWoman said...

I tend to think of lifelines as useful. Do you think it was the dental floss you used? Perhaps using something like slippery cotton might be better?

Terby said...

I'm in the friend camp, but it amazes me how good you can get at tinking back once you've spent enough time with the blasted pattern in the first place. I always forget to move my lifeline, too, which makes it slightly less useful than I think it could potentially be.

For what it's worth, your stole looks lovely.

CynCyn said...

I'm glad we could rescue the stole, b/c it is simply gorgeous. I think the dental floss was too flimsy and grabby with your yarn to be useful. Had a great time hanging out!

Katie K said...

Don't use dental floss. Use laceweight yarn or very heavy duty thread. I put lifelines through the right side rows because the wrong side rows are just purling. Leave lots of excess on both ends. Make sure you don't let it get tangled as you knit the next row. Believe me, clue 4 is very easy and won't need them. If you ever knit the diamond fantasy shawl, lifelines are a must! Good luck and don't quit.