Friday, June 29, 2007

Sorry about being MIA

Lots going on away from the computer.


**Gryffindor squares--I'm under the gun with these as I want them done by Sunday(self imposed goal)
**Mystery Stole 3--printed out clue 1--that's it--so clearly more needs to get done there

Hopefully there will be a picture-ific knitting post next week.


**need to finish Goblet of Fire(chapter 23 right now), then Order of the Phoenix(which I want done BEFORE the movie premiere), and of course Half Blood Prince--then the book we're all waiting for :)

Just a random thought on Goblet of Fire. This is the first time I've reread the whole series since the last book came out(I read Azkaban a lot, but not the others). I watch the movies quite a bit though; and as I have told people before, even though I am sorted into Ravenclaw, I could totally see myself in Durmstrang. Now the movies make you believe that Durmstrang and Beauxbatons are not co-ed. Reread and find out :)

**and I am already accumulating a cue of books for post Harry reading(nothing unusual there)

Rage and Diva:

Remember them, my progeny? Yeah, they have been taking up a lot of my time what with Diva being out of school and all. We've been swimming, reading, writing, playing, venturing out into the great unknown(ie-Denver), and various other summer goodies.

And I still need to find time to stitch--it just never ends I tell you. Somebody send me about 20 more hours in a day, please :)


Chris said...

I finished listening to book 3 on the way back to Minneapolis, and I was really paying attention to the differences between the movie and the books. I'm REALLY glad I'm going through the books again, because there are lots of differences.

WandaWoman said...

Gryffindor squares completed by Sunday? you've got work to do, young lady! Mystery Stole is fun. I'm looking forward to what yarn you will be using?

Laura said...

I just picked up book 4, just a few minutes ago. Fun-ness. :-) Girlfriend, how on earth are you going to complete all those squares by Sunday? Where will you find the time between all the fun activities with your kids, reading, and starting the Mystery Stole? If you find out how to add those extra hours to a day, I'd appreciate it if you'd pass the tip along. I could use a little more time, too. LOL