Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Mystery Stole 3--the Swatch

I've decided to try the whole Mystery Stole thing next month.

Here's my swatch:

Yarn: Misti Alpaca
Needles: size 4
Blocked Size: 4"x4"

I actually knit 2 swatches. The first one had a mistake on the last row and I didn't like the cast off so I tried again. In the second I alternated slipping one knitwise(column 1 & 3) and purlwise (column 2). Unless the pattern specifies, I never know which is the default one so I wanted to compare them.

My biggest problem so far is my cast off--I think it's still too tight. I even cast off with bigger needles and it was still tight. I may have to bring out the "table leg" 35s, seriously. Any tips would be appreciated, because I can't tell you how mad I'll be if I do the whole stole and the cast off ruins it.


kmckiernan said...

I always think rule of thumb is two sizes bigger but it sounds like you already tried it? You could do an alternate, stretchy castoff to help alleviate it??

Stacey said...

I think it looks great...but I understand the too tight thing. Hmmm. I don't have any advice for ya. Are you going to use beads?

Michelle said...

For lace work I use a special bind off. If only I could remember what book or magazine I found it in! Remind me to show you. It's easy once you see it but I don't trust myself to explain it right in words.

Terby said...

I think it's usually slip knitwise? Either that, or I am now totally confused. What did you decide worked better?

Laura said...

I've gone up a needle size and still bound off too tightly. I've used "stretchy" and "lace" cast offs, and still bound off too tightly. The only way (so far) that I've gotten a nice, loose cast off is with a crochet hook, and performing a single crochet bind off. It might be cheating (and doesn't always look right), but there you go.

WandaWoman said...

The swatch looks good. I've signed up for MS3 too. I must be crazy. I'm sure (if you read the list, way too much email), but they can give you more advice on the cast off.

Jeri said...

Which slip-wise did you like best?

And what size cast-off needle did you use? "They" always say go up a needle size but I never could get the cast-off loose enough for toe-up socks. Until I learned ez's sewn cast-off. But I've also recently figured out that if I knit a sock on a 1.5us (2.5 mm) needle and I cast off on a size 7us, it works for me. Yes, up that many sizes. Get out the broom sticks.