Tuesday, June 19, 2007


I went to Estes on Saturday with the knitting crew. Last year I only bought one skein. This year was a different story.

Here's what I got at Estes:
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Stats: Brooksfarm Acero Yarn, Superwash Wool/Silk/Viscose, 420 yards(3 skeins)

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Stats: Plain and Fancy Sheep & Wool, 100% Wool--Variegated Royal Blue, 400 yards(3 skeins)

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Stats: Trekking XXL, Superwash Wool/Polyamid--color 147, 459 yards (1 skein)

Here's what I got at Colorful after(because I did not bring knitting with me in the morning and wanted something to work on):
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Stats: Great Adirondack Yarn Company, Merino Superwash--Cranberry Bog, 360 yards(1 skein)

This was the beginnings of a sock but this demon skein has decided not too cooperate. First it didn't want to be wound into a ball. When Stacey, Tiffany, and I finally straightened it out, the skein knotted up some more SO I ripped out what I had started, unknotted the yarn, and rewound it into what you see above. I love the color but instead of Cranberry Bog I think it should be called Demon Spawn because it doesn't seem to want to be knitted into anything.


Stephanie said...

They're all beautiful but I bet that Trekking is going to be stunning when it is knit up. I hope you will use it soon so I can see. :)

Stacey said...

That name totally fits! So funny:) I didn't see you get the Brooks Farm...way to go Kim! You more than made up for the one skein last year! :)

WandaWoman said...

Ooh, what will you do with the Acero? All of your purchases look great!

Michelle said...

The Cranberry Bog is gorgeous - you will just have to knit it into submission!

Michelle said...

Great photos of the yarn! I have such a hard time getting accurate color on close ups. Maybe we can swap tips? I'll teach you my cast off tip and you can tell me how you took those photos. LOL

Chris said...

Yummy yarn!! It was great to get to meet you. :)

CynCyn said...

absolutely beautiful gets at estes!! wish i had been there. demon spawn yarn will let you know what it wants to be...