Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Bayerische 2 Me 0

The Bayerische sock has been ripped out yet again because of a dropped stitch. This time I made it through all of chart D(16 pattern rows). It's the cable on charts A and C that is causing the problems. Next time I cast on I may actually make it to the heel--wouldn't that be exciting!

This is going to become an obsession for me I'll tell you right now. THIS SOCK WILL NOT BEAT ME!

I think I'm going to let the Bayerische marinate for a while and I'll do another sock in the meantime to boost my confidence.

Thanks for the tip, Chris :)


Terby said...

I feel your pain. That was me and lace. The nice thing is that the next time you start it, you will have had enough practice that you'll go so much faster. (And the end result will be gorgeous - it's a great pattern.)

Chris said...

LOL - you need to pick up a Sock Threatening button (see sidebar).

WandaWoman said...

That's messed up! You and Bayerische keep having issues.

Deb said...

Keep plugging away.. You'll get it soon or later. (Coming from the person wh gave up long ago, or who at least has had hers marinating for a longer time!)

CynCyn said...

Nothing worth the trouble was ever easy, right? Of course, I'm now more sure than ever that you're a little tetched in the head.

Chris said...

You're very welcome!! ;)