Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Project Sp-EGG-trum 2 and Random Thoughts

I don't know if you can tell but the teal one is my lame attempt at a sheep. It's very difficult to decorate a white egg with a white crayon--there's always next year to perfect the technique :)

Today I'm sitting here fighting off a sore throat/massive sinus headache/low grade fever and catching up on my DVR viewing. So is anyone out there watching Robin Hood on the BBC besides me? I just can't get enough of that show. Especially Sir Guy of Gisborne. It's good stuff; definitely better than anything else on Saturday night.

I've also been watching Blood Ties on Lifetime. I almost never watch Lifetime but my mother(who lives and breathes Lifetime television) saw a preview for this show and thought I would like it. And sure enough I do, not a stretch being that I love all things vampire/supernatural. I love the premise of the series and I have already ordered the books the series is based on by Tanya Huff. I think those will be my summer reading--along with the mandatory Harry Potter of course :)

And some of you will be interested to know that I plan on actually trying to seam up Diva's unicorn today--I'm in a mattress stitch state of mind right now and figured I'd better go with it :)


WandaWoman said...

Good luck on the mattress stitching. Definitely if you're in the state of mind for it, that's the time to do it. Hope that you feel better soon.

Laura said...

Those eggs are lovely and bright!

Yup. We've been watching the new Robin Hood show. Love it. Haven't missed an episode yet, though we usually watch it when it's re-run on Tuesdays. :-)

Chris said...

Love the eggs! Hope the seaming went well and that you're feeling better today.