Thursday, March 15, 2007

Booking Through Thursday

I keep forgetting to post for Booking Through Thursday, but I saw today's topic and I couldn't resist:)

Booking Through Thursday

  1. Speaking of writing in books, what about writing the entire thing? Do you write? Aspire to write? Dream about writing? I do write. I've kept a journal since I was about 15. I call it my "rage journal" as it contains a lot of venting. Rather than tell someone off to their face I put it in my journal. During my college years, that same journal also started to contain some short stories. From about 2000-2004 I did no writing because I was too busy and sleep deprived from the young children thing. In 2005 I successfully completed my first Nanowrimo and in 2006 I did the same. I aspire to be a good writer and I figure the only way to do that is to write and write. Right now I have three original stories and one fanfic going. My 2005 Nano piece which is at about 64000 words right now is only about a quarter of the way through the outline, so I think that story has a lot of potential. My 2006 Nano piece is about 2 chapters away from being completed but I'm not sure how much I love the story. I just had an idea last week that I've written an outline and character description for. Now I'm just doing some research to make the main character's job seem believable. I think this one has a lot of potential.

  2. If you do write, do you do it for yourself, or because you hope to be published? (Or because you ARE published?) I write for myself; although if I ever finished something I was REALLY happy with I'd think about submitting it for publication. I've thought about trying to do some short stories for publication and I have always wanted to do a "teacher as researcher" type of thing.


Laura said...

You go, girl. :-)

Daphne said...

I kept something similar to your "rage journal" when I was in high school. Maybe if I had kept it I could have used all that teenage anger for dialogue! It would be really funny to read it now (20+ years later).

CynCyn said...

i've kept inconsistent journals... guess you blog like you journal, huh? I'm so impressed with your commitment to writing!

Julia said...

Congrats to your success on your complete first Nanowrimo! Maybe your 2005 Nano piece would be the one that be publication someday? Good luck on that

Happy Booking Through Thursday! Hope you have good day

Chris said...

The only way is to write and write... I agree. That's the way to Carnegie Hall: practice, practice, practice