Sunday, March 11, 2007

Belated Birthday Booty(say that 10 times fast)

Thank you, thank you, thank you to the knitting crew for dinner and gifty goodness :)

Finally after my two weeks of birthday party madness(mostly prep for Little Diva's birthday weekend), I was able to get together with the crew. Good food, great friends, and knitting what could be better?

I got a few cool things for my birthday; check it out:

My husband, Diva, and Rage got me a Pandora bracelet as an early birthday gift, because, much like someone else I know, I hate waiting! The cool thing about getting it early was that my other half was able to get me a charm for Valentine's Day--hurray! And Nachaele got me the pretty blue glass charm for my birthday--I love it and it will remind me of you :)

Joann, who shares a February birthday with me, got me a habu scarf kit(stainless steel, no less) and for my closet goth some skull needles---I. LOVE. THEM. Seriously, I want to take them everywhere. Thanks so much!!

Stacey, Michelle, Tiffany, Wanda, and Jeni got me the gold standard of knitting gifts: a gift certificate to a yarn shop, of course. And Wanda bought me the Subversive Cross Stitch book. If you haven't seen it, check it out. Darn it that Diva can read now because I'd love to stitch up "Boo F-ing Hoo" for my kitchen--I just may and put it somewhere inconspicuous. ;)

Stacey got me one of the coolest knitting bags. It's really well made and holds quite a bit of stuff. Right now it's carrying my WIP pattern binder, some magazines, and a book :)

I treated myself to some birthday goodness. A few years ago on a trip to Build a Bear I got a limited edition sheep(I don't frequent Build a Bear on my own but Diva and Rage constantly get gift certificates for holidays so we end up there a lot). His name is Merino and he is sporting his Pittsburgh Penguins gear. Well, low and behold, this year there is another limited edition sheep and being that I love all things sheepy I had to get her(and how cool is it that she looks "girly", since Merino did not, hence the male gender designation). Her name is Addi and I'm loving her outfit(I didn't really want an outfit for her BUT I saw this and really how could I not get it). I also got some St. Patty's Day knitting Stitch Markers--very cool!

So it was a GREAT birthday celebrated with friends and family--Thanks again everyone!!


CynCyn said...

Those knitting needles and the knitting bag go so well together! Along with the Lexie Barnes bag... are there any knitting skull bags left out there?
Happy Belated B-day! Wish I had been there.

Wanda said...

Oh, I'm so glad that I liked you everything. It was good to finally see you and to celebrate your birthday. And the Cross Stitch book was from me!

Stitch-n-Snitch said...

Happy Belated, fellow Closet Goth. Those pencil toppers and your bag ROCK!!!! Seriously, if you ever come to Utah, we're getting together. :)

Chris said...

What fun birthday goodies!! I have Subversive Crosstitch - I have a photocopy of "Just Kill Me" in my cube, since I'm not up to actually stitching yet.

Michelle said...

I couldn't believe it when Stacey showed me the link to that bag. It's awesome! It was great fun hanging out. Hope you can make it out again soon.