Sunday, January 28, 2007

Stitching Update--updated 2/6

Blackstone Fantasy Garden
Not really a lot to update here; I haven't been able to work on it very much.

I joined the Christmas Ornament SAL and this was the ornament I chose for this month:

Pattern: 2006 Ornament Kit--Ink Circles

Stitched: 2 over 2, full cross

Fabric: 40 count R&R Reproduction Linen

It's been a comedy of errors, let me tell you. First of all, I chose the ornie done on 40 count fabric(that's 40 stitches per inch over 1!?!). I am stitching it over 2 threads, but still, those are some frigging tiny holes. Also, because I apparently can't read directions(I'm blaming that on my anxiousness to get started), I stitched this 2 over 2 when it's supposed to be 1 over 2. I think it looks okay but I made a couple of mistakes(one of which is now a "design feature")and frogging this tiny fabric, stitched with too much floss, is a royal pain in the behind. I'm breathless with anticipation at what tragedies will befall me when I try to follow the directions for finishing this lovely.

You would think that I dislike the pattern, but you would be wrong. I LOVE the design and I intend to make a few more(I even let Little Diva help me pick out some colors). This time it will be on at least 36 count(but probably 32).

Here it is all finished:


Lelia said...

Hey Kim: Love this ornament & I don't think I've ever seen it before. It is lovely!

btw, your new bags are very kewl indeed : )

Michelle said...

That is just amazing!! The ornament is so cool and I can't wait to see how your Blackstone progresses. So cool.