Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Mystery WIP Contest--We have a Winner!

Having finally finished Magic Witch(hurray!!)and survived the holidays; I feel it is time to add something else to the HAED stitching rotation, because Eternal Promise and Storykeeper just aren't enough(though I love them both dearly).

Just as with Magic Witch I will attempt to post regular progress(when it is up in my rotation). I really like watching the piece develop and I also like having an archive of my progess with comments on how I felt at each phase of the project(I guess that's part of what I blog for).

***Well, that was quick. Nicki guessed it correctly. Misty Weniera by Tracy Butler. Congratulations, Nicki, and start shopping for a chart of your choice!

Here's the first picture(my progress after this weekends SAL):

Start: January 15, 2007-?

Fabric: 28 count white Jobelan

Stitched: 2 over 1, tent stitch(half cross)


Nicki said...

Hmm...... Is it Misty Weniera by Tracy Butler? That dark bit could be the top of the tower. Or am I wishful thinking beacuse I think that's a lovely chart and it would be great to see someone do it! :)

Nicki said...

I meant because of course..... doh!

Christine said...

I'm going to guess Unicorn Sunset by Ruth Sanderson. Beautiful start!

Kim said...

Holy Cow, Nicki! You are right :)

Michelle said...

Beautiful start! I love the colors in this! Love your new bag too - very cool!