Wednesday, December 27, 2006

A Year in Review

Now … Year in Review meme

The drill: Go back through your blog and post the first sentence of the first entry in every month.

January: What do I want to accomplish knitting, stitching, writing, and life wise this year?

February:: This week's SBQ was inspired by my visit with Dawn and is: With the exception of your online stitching friends, do you have any
other stitching buddies?

March: Where in the World?

April: Here are a few buttons you can use to proudly display your Stashalong Survivor success.

May: Magic Witch--9760 stitches

June: Drum roll please. . .
I have chosen #110, the orange colorway, (I really want to see what it looks like knitted up).

July: Storykeeper was my Project Spectrum focus piece for June.

August:Howdy--long time, no blog!

September: Okay--here's what I'd like to accomplish knitting/stitching wise this month.

October: This will be my second year participating in Socktoberfest and I've set myself up with quite an ambitious sock schedule.

November:Sing along won't you? ;)

December: Lifted from Kimberly(great name, by the way):

My goals from January 1, 2005--how did I do?

What do I want to accomplish knitting, stitching, writing, and life wise this year? I have been putting quite a bit of thought into this. I think it will be very amusing to look back on it come December, so here goes.

Stitching Wise:
(1) Finish Storykeeper**NOPE
(2) Finish one quarter of Arwen and Aragorn(64800 stitches)**NOPE
(3) Choose and Finish 1 Quick Stitch YES
**In doing the math for this I'm not even sure it is possible. On a fabulous day I am able to put in about 400 stitches; on a realistic day I'm able to put in 200. I also value my knitting time which tends to cut into stitching time, but these are goals not requirements, right? Yeah, that was right--one thing this year has taught me is how much time I "actually" have to stitch. 2007 goals will be more realistic.

Knitting Wise:
(1) Decrease my stash, by looking there first when I have something I want to start.--DONE
(2) Get down to no more than 2 Knitalongs at a time(do the math on what I need to finish to accomplish that and I'm still not sure how I'll classify charity knitting and stuff)I was doing well with that, not so much right now though.
(3) Get my WIP list down to 5 or fewer things(easier said than done)Pretty close there.
(4) Make progress on my "Double Secret Probation-a-thon" Not as much as I would have liked.
(5) Ad lib something--not really design something, but take a pattern and alter it in some way in order to make it my own. NOPE
(6) Knit this; how cool is that hat? If I do that and the arm warmers from Anticraft, I'll be one scarey mommy when I go pick up Little Diva after school. NOPE, but I did add more pirate goodies to my pattern stash :)

Writing Wise:
(1) Finish my Nano 2005 novel and let it marinate before beginning revisions. YES
(2) Complete Nano 2006 YES

Life Wise:
(1) Get a job for the 2006-2007 school year. (That has been put on hold for one more year so that we can avoid putting Little Rage in daycare. I think that is the best decision for our children and I'm sure I won't lose my sanity staying home for one more year--plus it gives me more time to knit and stitch.)

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