Monday, December 11, 2006

New Start

I didn't plan on starting anything new until later in the month BUT(famous last words) this was just screaming at me and it was too loud to ignore. I mean, I had the fabric, the floss, and the time(well maybe not the time but I made the time).

Here's how far I got over the weekend:

Piece: Blackstone Fantasy Garden

Designer: Ink Circles

Fabric: 28 count Antique White Jobelan

Stitched: 2 over 2(for the Celtic Knots), 1 over 2(for Blackwork)

Started: December 7, 2006

Modifications: If you look at the orignal, you'll gather pretty quickly that mine doesn't match. I'm attempting to change the colors. So far I've substituted DMC 803 and 814 for Carrie's Creation Threads in "Coffee" and "Gator Green". Those are the only two solids I'm using everything else will be varigated DMCs. I'll post the specifics once I get to each color.

Just some random thoughts on this. It's been quite a while since I stitched 2 over 2 and it feels HUGE and FAST. I almost forgot how to count and stitch properly after all the parking and row by row stitching I've been doing on my HAED projects.

***non-related: If anyone out there can think like a 4 year old, let me know. Rage got a Leapster L-Max for his birthday and he's "misplaced" his Letters on the Loose cartridge. For the life of me I can't find it, but is HAS to be somewhere in this house. We've already had two mini-meltdowns because he can't remember where he put it and at $25-30 a pop for games for this thing he won't be getting a replacement. Where would you leave something if you where 4? I've looked everywhere he frequents and I have a feeling it will show up when I'm looking for something else--you know how that goes.


stitchnsnitch said...

Have you looked *inside* things like shoes and lunchboxes and the like???

Laura said...

Oooh. Pretty pattern!

How 'bout the back of the closet, bottom of the toy chest...

adore_one said...

I was going to say the linen closet or bathroom cabinets.

like the new needlepoint.

CynCyn said...

um? have you asked Little Diva to help? she's probably much closer to being able to think like her brother than we are... other than that, i'd check in the laundry closet.

Michelle said...

OOoooh. Can't wait to see how this one goes. The pattern is amazing and I'm sure this will turn out stunning.
I know nothing about 4 year olds but I'll ask Thomas. I'm convinced the reason kids like him so much is because he still thinks like them...

Michelle said...

Beautiful new start - can't wait to see more. Hope you find the cartridge - they weren't kidding when they called it Letters on the Loose were they!?

Arthemise said...

Nice start! I've seriously considered getting this one, but I've held off so far.