Thursday, November 02, 2006

Weekly Memes

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  1. Yesterday, November 1st, began the annual NaNoWriMo challenge--where lots of marginally crazy people try to write a 50,000 word novel in one month. What do you think about that idea? Crazy? Inspired? Challenging? I think it's all of the above. I think there is a writer in everyone; you may not know what story you want to tell or how to get it out but it's there.

  2. Would you/Have you tried it yourself? In other years? (Or this one, in which case, shouldn't you be writing and not reading blogs?) I did it last year; see yesterday's post. I was introduced to it by my SP6 pal(the one I got to spoil), Jacqueline. And, clearly, I'm participating this year. And no I don't need to be writing right now. When it comes to my Nano writing I have to think like a vampire and only come out at night. Diva and Rage provide too many distractions during the day. I start writing after they go to bed and if things are flowing well I can meet my daily quota in about 2 hours. There were many days last year when I stayed up until 3:30 or 4am writing--either to make up for lost time or to let a chapter idea flow out in its entirety.

  3. If you took away the time pressure, would you/have you tried writing a novel of your own? I think so, BUT one thing I found about Nano is that it doesn't allow you time for excuses. If you want to finish in a month, you have to be very disciplined and can't afford to take too much time off. It's a lot of pressure, but there's a thrill in it as well. You really get to know your characters well, because you are with them every day :) I think it's a great way to get a rough draft going for a "real" novel.

Today's SBQ was suggested by Lee (
and is:

How did you decide on the title of your stitching blog? Was it random,
or does it have a special meaning to you or about you?

I thought of the phrase "a work in progress" and realized that was what I was as a knitter. I wasn't actively stitching when I started this blog--I was in the middle of toddler time which didn't allow for much free time.

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