Thursday, November 30, 2006

Stranded KAL

What are your projects for this knitalong?

I'm going to start with a pair of Latvian Mittens and move on from there.

Is this your first colorwork project? If it isn't, what was your first, and has it survived the test of time?

No, I've done three hats and a small bag. My first was a Dale of Norway hat. It's a little too big--my tension was off in it, but I love it just the same. Here it is:

Dale of Norway Thunder Bay


Lolly said...

Oh, I love that hat!
I am very excited about this KAL! Looking forward to your Latvian mittens ;)

Stacey said...

Hey, I joined that knitlong yesterday! I'm thinking of making the fingerless mittens that Eunny just designed, OR I may bust out my Latvian mitten book and join you!