Wednesday, November 01, 2006

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Sing along won't you? ;)

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It's that time already. Time for Nanowrimo 2006. Last year was my first year doing this and it was a blast!! There is something so liberating about disciplining yourself to write every day for a month. You let the story and the characters take you were they may with no worries about how it may sound later.

Last year my story ended up being 65,190 words(although I was only a little over 50000 at the end of the month last year). And I only got a quarter of the way through my original outline. SO this year I though that I would write book 2--since my characters still have more to say and do. But then another idea popped into my head, so now I have a decision to make. I'll have to figure it out by tonight because in order to finish in time I have to do about 1666 words per day.

Anyone else writing this year? Good luck to you if you are and if not, give it a shot(even if your story stinks at least your typing speed will improve LOL)


Stephanie said...

I'm not writing this year - but I will be cheering you on!

Arthemise said...

Even though I'm a professional technical writer, I'm not much of a creative writer. I make a much better reader. :-) Good luck!