Saturday, November 11, 2006

Actual Knitting Content

I joined a new KAL and I already have two finishes for it.

Two finishes and a new start

I'm using my leftover sock yarn to make stocking/sweater/mitten ornaments for my Christmas tree. They are pseudo quick knits although that cabled stocking was a challenge(read pain in the butt).

Underneath the stockings is a new start(which I really don't need by the way). It's the Danica scarf from Knitty made with Patons SWS(thanks Nachaele). I've never done Entrelac before and it seems pretty easy. It's also great practice for picking up stitches.

Sorry I've been MIA--I've been spending my time writing(at night) and working with Little Diva on reading. Things will hopefully get a little better in December(who am I kidding LOL).

Colorado knitters--do you know of anyplace where I can get teeny tiny needles--like 00-0000? Don't ask what they are for yet--obviously something teeny tiny ;)


CynCyn said...

not quite a CO knitter anymore, but if you're talking DPNs, you can get the teeny tinys at Joann's. They're gonna be metal... Susan Bates, I think.
not sure Addi or any of the wooden DPNs come that small.

Arthemise said...

Aw, cute little stockings!

somebunnysloveDOTcom said...

Those little socks are CUUTE!! Great way to de-stash.

Wanda said...

I think Strawberry Tree might carry the quad zeros. You can call them at 303-759-4244. Danica is a great use for the SWS Yarn. That will be pretty. I like the miniature ornaments. One year, I'm going to just do it, but so far, not there yet.

Jeni said...

Well since I have to use the tiny needles often, because I knit that frickign loose. I know that Knitted Peace has 000 in circulars, my other tiny ones I have found online. If you can stand the wait Tropical Knitter on ebay usually has some small ones.

Michelle said...

Cute little stockings! I love the brightly colored one. Hope your writing is going well!