Friday, October 20, 2006

Socktoberfest 06

One down, one to go!

I have finished one of my peds and will be casting on for number two sometime this weekend. The yarn is STR Farmhouse. This yarn was actually already a sock that wore out on one of the heels so I reclaimed it for this project. I just love the colors in this colorway.

I cannot wait until I finish Magic Witch(which is what is taking up a majority of my time), because I have the sock bug--bad. I want to start some more. I think my sock burn out is finally on the way out.


stitchnsnitch said...

They're soooo pretty! ;)

Wanda said...

Very pretty! I like that color of STR.

CynCyn said...

crappity crap crap crap!!! i saw that colorway at Rhinebeck, and didn't like it. I'm seeing the error of my ways, and that i should've just bought it all, b/c when it's knit up, it's SO lovely!!! dang.

btw, magic witch? unbelievable.