Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Since the finishing of Magic Witch is looming on the horizon, I am in the process of trying to come up with a rotation that would fit both my knitting and stitching habits. I need to find more of a balance but I still need to feel like I'm making progress on everything. Knitting is much faster than stitching so doing something like 2 weeks per project wouldn't work for me. Anyone have any ideas--anything that works well for you?

UPDATE: Thanks for all your comments--they definitely gave me food for thought.

Cynthia: If I don't have some sort of rotation/schedule, I get NOTHING done. Seriously, maybe it's the way my brain works or the fact that I have two kiddos that demand a boatload of my time and attention. Left to my own devices when I have free time, if I don't schedule something, I just sit and stare into space or at the TV and I hate wasting time.

Laura, Dede, and Margene: I like all of your ideas and I think I'll probably come up with something along those lines. Really what I need is about 12 more hours in the day(or at least 6--lol).


CynCyn said...

well, how about you assign days of the week? like a 2 days of stitching for every day of knitting? would that even it out?
however... why do you feel the need to schedule? why not just knit when u feel like knitting, read when you feel like reading, and cross stitch when u feel like cross stitching?

Dede said...

I have a somewhat wierd rotation, but it's working for me so far. I wrote it all up in my blog: http://dedex1.blogspot.com/2006/08/rotational-theory.html I haven't really been sticking with the four day rule, I find myself wanting to work on things a bit longer or get to a certain point and so I just do.

margene said...

I do a little of everything each day. Somedays more of one thing than another but I do like to have a variety daily.

Laura said...

I knit and stitch, too, and break mine up by location. I knit in the family room and in my office, and I stitch in the TV room. Each hobby has its own rotation, independent of the other, and I see progress on each every week, often daily.

Laura said...

Let us know what you decide to do, gf. :-)