Thursday, October 12, 2006

Magic Witch

If all goes well, she will be done next week. I'm at 27480/31350 which means I only have 3870 stitches left!!

Magic Witch 87.6%

Today's SBQ was suggested by Lee (
and is:

As we all know, stitching in the winter can really be rough on the
hands. What do you do to treat your hands well in the cold winter
months? Do you have any suggestions for creams or soaps? Or perhaps a
special regimen that you would like to share?

I use Udderly Smooth, because it goes on smooth and absorbs quickly. I also like Oil of Olay Quench. That's really all I do to take care of my hands all year round, not just in the winter.


omly said...

I like Udderly Smooth myself, but I find it works best if I put it on when my hands are damp (not wet). It really locks in the moisture well. Given that this is not always plossible, using it dry works ok at least keeping my hands from snagging on my project.

Christine said...

Her face is amazing Kim! At this rate you'll finish by the end of October with time to spare.

Arthemise said...

Great progress on your witchie.

Dipsy Doodle said...

My gosh, your witchie looks amazing already - what a fantastic job you're doing!
As for the winter's treatment, I always use a hand lotion called "Kamill" - don't know if it's available overseas - which contains an extra dose of chamomile and thus works perfectly to keep hands soft!

Dipsy D.