Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Stuff and Nonsense


My Secret Pal, Valerie, has started a shop to sell her stitch markers. She made me some when I was her pal and I bought another set from her shop. This is good stuff--she finds such unique beads. Go check it out :)
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And, Cynthia must have been up bright and early(or very late) over on the East Coast, because I was greeted with an email early this morning bidding me to check out these. They were in the new Knitty and I'm fighting the urge to purchase them asap. My only problem is that I rarely, if ever, knit with size 13 needles(WAY too big); SO they'd be purely decorative(and really there is nothing wrong with that) ;)


Remember my autumn knit list? Well the new Knitty has provided even more fodder for the list. I already printed out Viveka(I love the sleeves on that) and I'm thinking Sherwood might work for Diva(I have some nice lilac colored cotton fleece I think would work well) or Rage.

And I haven't decided if this is brilliant insanity or insanely brilliant, but I may work up the courage to give it a shot.


Michelle said...

Great links. Thanks for sharing! I have a cross stitch question for you. You told me that there was a certain type of floss that was easier to use for "graphing" on the cloth than the standard floss but I've forgotten what it was called. Could you remind me? Thanks!!

Wanda said...

Well Cynthia never sleeps, so she could have been up late or up early, hard to say. Those needles are totally you though. I like that Viveka too. There are lots of great patterns up on the new Knitty. I do think you're insane for the double knitting, 2 socks at once, but somehow I think you will manage it just fine. Then you can show me how! :-)