Monday, September 04, 2006

RIP 2006 Autumn Challenge

Moving on into fall. Amanda talked about this challenge and it's perfect for me because it runs through the end of October. I won't be reading much(if at all)in November as it will be Nanowrimo time again--hurray!!

Here are my five choices for this latest challenge:
(1) Magician's Gambit(Eddings)
(2) Castle of Wizardry(Eddings)
(3) Enchanter's Game(Eddings)
(4) The Pit and the Pendulum(Poe)
(5) The Premature Burial(Poe)

The first three may not be in the exact spirit of the challenge but I want to finish so they're staying and the last two definitely go with the theme.


ttbookjunkie said...

Poe in October seems perfect. Great list.


Christine said...

Poe is my favorite American author, The Murders in Rue Morgue is one of my favorites. I wish I had time to read for myself, instead I'm stuck with a cataloging text book. Thank you for the lovely compliment. I think the reason I dislike my program so much is that it is so far away from my English Lit background that I love so much. What are your undergrad and grad degrees in?