Thursday, August 31, 2006

Magic Witch and SBQ

Magic Witch(18720 stitches)

We have a face!! Finally :) I really feel like I am heading for the homestretch now; I'm almost 60% done and I hope to be 100% done by October 1. It's a lofty goal but I think I can do it. I started Magic Witch as my April Project Spectrum piece(for the yellow in the candlelight) and since September will be the tie up loose ends month with Project Spectrum I'll try and finish this and my top down raglan(March's red project).

Today's SBQ was suggested by Carolyn
( and is:

How do you share your finished pieces with others? Do you frame them,
scan and/or photograph them, or do you have another method that you
would like to share?

I frame them if they are gifts or for display in my house. I photograph them for my finished object album and for different bulletin boards and my blog.

Today's SBQs was suggested by Anna M.
( and is:

What do you keep your WIPs and other stitching supplies in when traveling?

I have a tote bag from cafepress that I keep my stitching in.

Inside the tote:
**current WIPs in ziplocks
**stitching notions bag
**scrap bag
**pattern binder
**medium sized q-snap
**a very large floss container(the biggest I could find)--it holds the floss for my three HAED projects(90 colors each, some repeated in each piece)

The entire tote fits in the bottom of my suitcase, so it's always ready to go!


Nicki said...

And it's a lovely face too! The blue looks right now more of her is filled in :)

Laura said...

That witch of yours is looking very cute. :-)