Saturday, August 19, 2006

Kick the Can!

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Well, today officially begins day 8 without any diet Coke/Pepsi. I haven't had any soda at all since last Friday(August 11). The first day was actually the worst--headaches and general crankiness--but it's gotten progressively better as the week progressed. I actually expected to be exhausted all week but I've felt fine AND I've actually slept better.

Don't think that I've been caffeine free though; I have been drinking iced tea, but not nearly as much as I was of soda.


Laura said...

Are you putting sugar in your iced tea? Hm?

Kim said...

Nope--I don't drink sweetened tea; I prefer mine au naturale :)

Jeni said...

That is awesome about the Pop I usually try a couple times a year, kick it then jump back on. The stitching looks great too!