Friday, August 11, 2006

Kick the Can!

Norma and Sandy are the braintrust behindthis:
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I'll give it a shot. I'll preface this by saying the ONLY times thus far in my adult life that I've given up diet Pepsi/Coke were during my two pregnancies and when I was nursing I limited myself to a can a day. Today I drink at least two cans a day(usually more). I'm anticipating headaches and general crankiness until I get it all out of my system--hurray, good times, good times ;) I think the big hurdle will be that diet Pepsi is my coffee(I don't like the taste of coffee); maybe I can replace it with tea?

Tomorrow, August 12, 2006, the can kicking will begin(keep your fingers crossed) ;)


Kat said...

I kicked the can years ago. It's 2 weeks of headaches and misery and then, one morning, you wake up and feel amazing. It's worth the pain and crankiness.

Laura said...

DH kicked the can years before I met him. He says he was cranky, grouchy, and in actual phystical pain (drank the stuff with sugar, so there was also a sugar withdrawal to deal with). It was evidently horrible. But he got through it and was quite glad that he did.

Tea is ever so much better for you, gf, than *any* quantity of sodas, with or without sugar.

You can do it, you can, you can! :-D

Mel in Dubai said...

Good luck, Kim! I rarely drink soda and never the diet stuff - ick - something to do with the sweetness and after taste I think :)

Tea is good - much better for you!


margene said...

Try a tasty caffinated tea to keep the headaches to a minimum. You can eventually move to decaf if you choose. Good luck!

K said...

Good luck! You will definitely feel better! That stuff is nasty!

Lauren said...

Good luck!