Sunday, August 20, 2006

HAED Stitch-a-thon--Final Tally

I'm participating in a stitch-a-thon this week over on the HAED BB(see sidebar for link). Of course Magic Witch is my piece of choice. I need to post a before and after pic--as well as count how many stitches I get done between now and the 20th. Let the insanity begin!

Before pic(August 14):

Magic Witch(14940 stitches)

After pic(August 20--11:30pm):

Magic Witch(17120 stitches)

So over the course of the week I put in 2180 crosses which brought me to 17120 stitches or 54.6% done--hurray!! I'm sure it won't be enough to win anything in the contest, but I'm pretty happy with what I got done. Especially since the past week has been very hectic with back to school stuff for Little Diva and the usual life things ;)


Laura said...

You go, girl! I'll be rooting for you. :-)

Mel in Dubai said...

I am so loving seeing your progress on this, Kim. It's wonderful to see everything come to life :)

Congrats on getting past the halfway mark!

Michelle said...

Amazing progress. It's always so inspiring. I'd post my stitching pictures but I'm so slow it'd be hard to see the progress. :-)

Laura said...

You got a lot done! Woohoo!