Friday, August 18, 2006

Autumn Knit List

Little Diva has returned to school this week, so even though it's August thoughts of autumn are in my mind. It must be a carry over from my childhood when school started in September. Anyhoo, my knitting mojo is coming back--it has been MIA since late spring(you have my most sincere apologies for lack of knitting content as of late)--and I am going to make a list of stuff I'd like to accomplish between now and the end of the year. I reserve the right to add onto/edit this list at anytime between now and December ;)

(1) hat and gloves for Diva
(2) hat and gloves for Rage
(3) annual sweater for Diva
(4) annual sweater for Rage
(5) sweater for Mommy(I actually have one on the needles that needs finishing)
(6) socks for Daddy(he doesn't want me to knit him a sweater)
(7) any Christmas gifts I may want to knit

I'd love to try Latvian gloves for both kiddos--they are just gorgeous and the options for them are limitless really.

Michaele and Wanda gave me a link to some skull argyles---that is way up there on the list for some socks!

I have really been coveting my Simple Knitted Bodice pattern--is that not a cool sweater or what? I don't think I want to spend $160 on yarn for it though, so I'll have to find an acceptable substitute.


Marina said...

Wow, that's quite a list! I like that pattern ... so feminine.

Wanda said...

Everything on that list looks do-able to me and of course, there's always room to edit. I do the same! Glad you like the skull and crossbones argyle. That seems right up your alley.

Stitchen for Kids said...

It is already that time, ha? Back to School comes too early here!

I have been thinking about you this week wondering how you are doing on Kick the Can? I could never do it. I was so sleepy today and I ended up drinking 4 Diet Cokes and by 3:30, when I left work! That is BAD!!!

Hope to see you soon!!

Laura said...

Aren't the skull argyles hysterical? I love them. I may have to try them myself, one of these days. I still have a Rogue to knit, though, tons of other socks, multiple shawls... Too little time! LOL

Ooh, I like that sweater pattern. I'm sure you could substitute some much less expensive yarn, and it'd look just as good. Are you looking at the long- or short-sleeved version?

Kim said...

I want to make the long sleeved version--if I can make the time to do it, that is always a challenge LOL!