Thursday, August 31, 2006

Booking Through Thursday

Booking Through Thursday

  1. What is your favorite kind of reading? Novels? Biographies? Mathematical textbooks? Novels and Textbooks

  2. What do you like best about your favorite kind of reading? What keeps you coming back to that kind of book? Following a gripping story? Watching characters develop? Being educated about things and places you didn't know about? Letting your mind relax into someplace completely different?I love novels because they take you to places and introduce you to characters that you would have no hope of coming in contact with in real life(at least in the books I read). I like textbooks books because I love to do research(that's weird isn't it?)--if it's a topic I'm interested in then I'll look up everything I can about it. I also really like learning about learning--I guess that's why I went into education :)

Booking Through Thursday

  1. Have you ever wanted to travel to a place described in a book? Yes. I have read so many books set in New Orleans that I've always wanted to go there.

  2. Have you ever ACTUALLY travelled to a place because of the way it was described in a book? I have never been to a place described in a book(most I read are fantasy and the places don't exist), and I'm afraid that New Orleans is now probably a shell of what it once was.

  3. And if so, did it live up to the expectations, feelings, emotions you expected from the book? Did you feel like Anne was going to come romping around the corner of Green Gables? Was it as if Jo was upstairs at Orchard House, scribbling on a story? Or was it just a museum, or just a city street? Like Abbey Road without the Beatles?

Magic Witch and SBQ

Magic Witch(18720 stitches)

We have a face!! Finally :) I really feel like I am heading for the homestretch now; I'm almost 60% done and I hope to be 100% done by October 1. It's a lofty goal but I think I can do it. I started Magic Witch as my April Project Spectrum piece(for the yellow in the candlelight) and since September will be the tie up loose ends month with Project Spectrum I'll try and finish this and my top down raglan(March's red project).

Today's SBQ was suggested by Carolyn
( and is:

How do you share your finished pieces with others? Do you frame them,
scan and/or photograph them, or do you have another method that you
would like to share?

I frame them if they are gifts or for display in my house. I photograph them for my finished object album and for different bulletin boards and my blog.

Today's SBQs was suggested by Anna M.
( and is:

What do you keep your WIPs and other stitching supplies in when traveling?

I have a tote bag from cafepress that I keep my stitching in.

Inside the tote:
**current WIPs in ziplocks
**stitching notions bag
**scrap bag
**pattern binder
**medium sized q-snap
**a very large floss container(the biggest I could find)--it holds the floss for my three HAED projects(90 colors each, some repeated in each piece)

The entire tote fits in the bottom of my suitcase, so it's always ready to go!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Trekking Socks--A FINISHED Object!!

Trekking Socks--for Trek Along with Me

Trekking Socks(#110)--fini!!

I used Teri's Nancy Drew pattern and, of course, Trekking XXL in colorway 110. I even have enough left over to make some socks for Little Rage.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Hold on to Your Hats

This is actually a knitting post!! Can you believe it? With Fall quickly rolling in, my knitting mojo seems to be returning. Besides the Autumn Knit List I posted before, here are the current WIPs that need to either be finished or ripped:

(1) March Project Spectrum--red top down raglan--this will get finished. I love the yarn(cascade quattro) and the pattern(knitting pure and simple).

Top Down Raglan(Project Spectrum March)

(2) Beginner's Triangle--for Amazing Lace--I'm on the decreases so the end is in sight--this will get finished. It's in Knit Picks Shimmer Turquoise Splendor

Beginner's Triangle--homestretch

(3) Clapotis--I love the yarn(Mountain Colors Bearfoot in Rosehips) and love the pattern(great for knitting group knitting)--this will get finished and I have yarn for another.


(4) Diva's sweetheart scarf--okay here's the thing, I LOVE the yarn and the pattern BUT it takes forever and I don't think Diva will wear(let alone keep track of) a scarf SO this will probably get ripped and I'll use the yarn to make her some Latvian mittens.

The ill fated Queen of Hearts scarf

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Magic Witch and SBQ

Magic Witch (18320 stitches)

I have finally started her face--I was a little worried about the purplish-blue, but I think it's the shadow cast by the brim of her hat.

Today's SBQ was suggested by Ami ( and is:

For those of you who use hand or over-dyed floss, how do you store it?

I don't really use over-dyed floss. I only have one project(so far) that uses it and those are wound onto cardboard bobbins waiting to be stitched.

Today's SBQs were suggested by Ami ( and
Anna ( and are:

Do you have an organizational system for your fabric? If so, what is
it? If not, what do you store your fabric in?

I have no organizational system for my fabric; I haven't actually gotten into the fabric hoarding thing(knock on wood). I usually buy fabric when I need it for something I am starting. I have a small stash of 25 and 28 count lugana for HAEDs but it's all white and not really a lot.

How do people store their fabric, especially those small but
potentially usable pieces? Do they sort by count? How do they label it
or otherwise know what each piece is?

The fabric I have is not sorted or marked--I suppose that would be a good idea; I guess I'd better get to work LOL!

Friday, August 25, 2006

Kick the Can!

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This week the can kicked me. DH was out of town and I don't sleep well when he's not around, SO Wednesday and Thursday I had a total of three sodas(2 Wed./1 Thurs.). The sad thing is that they didn't even give me the desired effect(waking me up)and they have kind of lost their luster with me. I guess the second part is a good thing, because I don't really WANT any more.

So a small hiccup in the road this week but I'm back on track now :)

Happy Weekend Everyone!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

HAED Stitch-a-thon--Final Tally

I'm participating in a stitch-a-thon this week over on the HAED BB(see sidebar for link). Of course Magic Witch is my piece of choice. I need to post a before and after pic--as well as count how many stitches I get done between now and the 20th. Let the insanity begin!

Before pic(August 14):

Magic Witch(14940 stitches)

After pic(August 20--11:30pm):

Magic Witch(17120 stitches)

So over the course of the week I put in 2180 crosses which brought me to 17120 stitches or 54.6% done--hurray!! I'm sure it won't be enough to win anything in the contest, but I'm pretty happy with what I got done. Especially since the past week has been very hectic with back to school stuff for Little Diva and the usual life things ;)

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Kick the Can!

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Well, today officially begins day 8 without any diet Coke/Pepsi. I haven't had any soda at all since last Friday(August 11). The first day was actually the worst--headaches and general crankiness--but it's gotten progressively better as the week progressed. I actually expected to be exhausted all week but I've felt fine AND I've actually slept better.

Don't think that I've been caffeine free though; I have been drinking iced tea, but not nearly as much as I was of soda.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Autumn Knit List

Little Diva has returned to school this week, so even though it's August thoughts of autumn are in my mind. It must be a carry over from my childhood when school started in September. Anyhoo, my knitting mojo is coming back--it has been MIA since late spring(you have my most sincere apologies for lack of knitting content as of late)--and I am going to make a list of stuff I'd like to accomplish between now and the end of the year. I reserve the right to add onto/edit this list at anytime between now and December ;)

(1) hat and gloves for Diva
(2) hat and gloves for Rage
(3) annual sweater for Diva
(4) annual sweater for Rage
(5) sweater for Mommy(I actually have one on the needles that needs finishing)
(6) socks for Daddy(he doesn't want me to knit him a sweater)
(7) any Christmas gifts I may want to knit

I'd love to try Latvian gloves for both kiddos--they are just gorgeous and the options for them are limitless really.

Michaele and Wanda gave me a link to some skull argyles---that is way up there on the list for some socks!

I have really been coveting my Simple Knitted Bodice pattern--is that not a cool sweater or what? I don't think I want to spend $160 on yarn for it though, so I'll have to find an acceptable substitute.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Summer Reading Challenge/Booking Through Thursday

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Lord of the Rings
The Belgariad
The Black Jewels Trilogy
Knit the Classics(1 summer book)
rereading HP4-6
rereading Dark Hunter series: finished
Dark Side of the Moon: finished
Danse Macabre: finished
Sword of Darkness: finished

Sword of Darkness by Kinley Macgregor

Guernseygal thanks for the recommendation. I finished the book on Saturday.

This was a really quick read and if you like the format of the Dark Hunter series, then you'll probably like this series too(as Kinley Macgregor and Sherrilyn Kenyon are the same person). This was the first book in the Lords of Avalon series and I loved Kerrigan(I'm a sucker for dark and disturbed). I'm really looking forward to what the next book brings. I think the only thing about the book that bothered me was the time travel--I don't think it was necessary in the story at all.

Booking Through Thursday

This week's questions were inspired by Caroline. She can't read The Joy Luck Club without thinking of potstickers and wontons... And no, we're not talking about cookbooks here. Please leave those out of this discussion. ;-)

  1. Do you enjoy books that have cooking or eating scenes in them? I can't remember I book I've read with a stand out cooking/eating scene?

  2. Have you made or eaten anything that was inspired by a recipe or scene in a non-cooking book? Since a lot of my favorite books are about vampires, werewolves, and the like, I can safely say that I am uninspired to eat ANYTHING that they consume(blood, people, and each other aren't particularly appetizing).

Friday, August 11, 2006

Kick the Can!

Norma and Sandy are the braintrust behindthis:
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I'll give it a shot. I'll preface this by saying the ONLY times thus far in my adult life that I've given up diet Pepsi/Coke were during my two pregnancies and when I was nursing I limited myself to a can a day. Today I drink at least two cans a day(usually more). I'm anticipating headaches and general crankiness until I get it all out of my system--hurray, good times, good times ;) I think the big hurdle will be that diet Pepsi is my coffee(I don't like the taste of coffee); maybe I can replace it with tea?

Tomorrow, August 12, 2006, the can kicking will begin(keep your fingers crossed) ;)

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Summer Reading Update/Booking Through Thursday

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Lord of the Rings
The Belgariad
The Black Jewels Trilogy
Sword of Darkness(thanks to a recommendation from Guernseygal)
Knit the Classics(1 summer book)
rereading HP4-6
rereading Dark Hunter series: finished
Dark Side of the Moon: finished
Danse Macabre: finished

I didn't get through a lot on my vacation but I am still plugging diligently along with the Belgariad; although I may take a brief break to read Sword of Darkness.

Booking Through Thursday

  1. Do you plan ahead for your reading? Work off of a to-be-read pile? A reading list? Or do you wing it, choose whatever you're in the mood for? I have a "to be read" pile which I stick to most of the time.

  2. If you do plan ahead, how far ahead? Do you have two or three books waiting in queue? Or are you backed up by dozens of volumes waiting their turn? Right now it's the list above, but that doesn't count new series books to be released or rereads.

  3. If you do not plan ahead . . . well, never? What about if you're reading a series? Or someone gives you a book for a present?

Booking Through Thursday

  1. What is most battered book in your collection? The one with loose pages, tattered corners, and page edges so soft that there's not even a risk of paper cuts anymore? I have a nursery rhyme book from when I was little and it's really beat up--it's been ripped, colored on/in, the binding is broken, etc. I still can't get rid of it though because my favorite story from it--The House that Jack Built--is still intact.

  2. Why is this book so tattered? Is it that you love it so much that you've read it a zillion times? Is it a reference book you've used every day for the last seven years? Something your new puppy teethed on when you weren't looking? It was a book from when I was little and I saved it--even in it's tattered state for my kiddos to see--really it's pretty weak compared to today's options for picture books but I still love it.

Booking Through Thursday

  1. Have you read Lord of the Rings? (hangs head in shame) No, I haven't read it yet, but not for lack of trying. It's on the immediate future reading list though.

  2. If so, how many times have you read it? Just once? Or so many you can't count?

  3. If not, why not? Not your cup of tea? I really want to be able to concentrate on the story and I think I've put it on a pedestal as a must read. That kind of reverence demands a reading time where I can really focus on it.

  4. And, while we're on the subject, did you see the Oscar-winning movie(s)? What did you think? Oh yeah, I have the regular and extended versions on DVD. I love the storyline, the setting, and the costumes. It's one of my all time favorite sets of movies.

Booking Through Thursday

  1. Do your reading habits change for the summer months? Yes

  2. If so, how? I usually don't have as much time to read but I always drag a book around with me just in case.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Trek #2 with an International View

This trek was in July but I'm just getting around to posting it now. It was a trek loaded with danger. It was wet(as it always is by the Falls), the weather was threatening(thunder and lightning were moving in), I had to face my fear of heights, and I had Little Diva and Little Rage in a very un"childproof" situation.

Trek #2 with an international view :)

It all started with our drive over to Goat Island, which in all the time I lived in WNY I never did. Let me tell you it was really creepy driving over the roaring Niagara River just above the Falls--all I kept thinking was, we're going in.

the dangerous view

See those railings Diva and Rage are hanging over--the bottom rail is a good 1-1.5 feet above the ground--it would be very, very easy for a kiddo to slip through there and get an up close and personal view of the Falls. The only reasons I was not hanging onto them for dear life there were (1)my mom was right out view and (2)they weren't right on top of the water--there was a bit of ground there(unlike most of the up close views of the Horseshoe Falls).

The American Falls

The Horseshoe Falls and the Maid of the Mist

The Trekking sock and the American Falls

Cool--literally and figuratively

It was crazy humid during our NY trip this year, but the mist of the Falls really helps you cool down. There is lots of walking to be done in Niagara Falls State Park--most of which is along the Niagara River above the Falls.

Here's the Trekking sock progress as of the end of my Niagara trek.

Trekking Sock Progress

Friday, August 04, 2006

The Semi Successful Picture

My parents, like all grandparents I'm sure, want pictures of their grandkids. And they REALLY want a picture of all 7 of them together. Since my sisters and I are lucky if we all get together once a year, this presents a very limited window of photographic opportunity. Of course proximity does not guarantee a good picture--especially when 7 kiddos under 6 are involved. You're dealing with naps and no naps, fights, tattling, crying, terrible 2(and 3, 4, 5, and 6)behavior, little people who would rather swing or play in the pool than sit for a picture, and parents who are more than happy to let them do all those things rather than fight with them to get them to sit still long enough for a picture.

So imagine our surprise when one sweltering hot evening, all 7 agreed to sit, briefly, on the steps of the playhouse my brother-in-law built for a picture. People were hot, sweaty, dirty, and not really dressed the way we would have preferred for a group picture, but the moment of cooperation was at hand so we went for it. Four cameras trained on those 7 goofballs and this is what we got:

It's not the greatest group picture but it is more than good enough--especially when you look at last year's attempt that went dreadfully astray.

Last Year's failed attempt

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Minimal Stitching Progress and SBQ Catchup

Howdy--long time, no blog!

I'm back from Buffahole and the family visit. First thing is first--I have some catching up to do.

July was my month to work on Magic Witch(progress in a post below--prevacation) and Eternal Promise(Arwen and Aragorn). Eternal Promise was my July Project Spectrum piece, because it is loaded with shades of purple. Unfortunately, I didn't get much done. Who knew that visiting family and chasing after 7 kids, 6 and under, would be so much work--LOL! No worries though, because I'm in no hurry with this one--which is a good thing because it is huge and it will take forever :) I'm still in the background and will be for the entire top row of pages. The second row actually lets me stitch Aragorn's head, so I've got that to look forward to.

Arwen and Aragorn(Eternal Promise)--5800 stitches

I have three weeks of SBQ to catch up on, so here we go:

Today's SBQ was suggested by Carol (
and is:

Do you have a favorite needlework tool that you like to work with?
What is it and why do you like using it?

I guess my Q-snaps and my scrap bag--I couldn't live without either.

Today's SBQ was suggested by Von (
and is:

Many of us have a few pairs of embroidery scissors and some even have
a "collection". How many pairs of scissors do you have? Feel free to
share a photo of your favorite pair or pairs with us!

I have 3 pairs: one pair of kiddie scissors (to use when I'm stitching around the kiddos), one pair in a kit from Shepherd's Bush for a scissor fob, and one pair that I got at Micheal's and I use them 90% of the time. I love looking at all the different ones available though. I'd love a good pair with some Celtic Knotwork in them.

Today's SBQ was suggested by Cathy
( and is:

When you get a project professionally framed do you get glass inserted
into the frame? Why or why not?

No glass for me--(1) it's too expensive, (2) I like to really look at the texture of the piece, (3) I think it looks better without, and (4) I've heard it's not good for the piece long term.