Monday, June 19, 2006

Somewhere in the Wilds of Utah(A Mini Trek)

The beauty of traveling with Diva and Rage is that every trip(even one as close as the grocery store) is chucked full of stops to "use the facilities". We were not far from our destination on Wednesday when we had to stop for one such break. While my DH took them; Trekking sock and I had a "mini trek".

We had to brave at least 50 of these vicious beasts to reach our final destination. These things were everywhere--they looked too small to be prairie dogs. They were really cute and REALLY unafraid of anyone.

After surviving the beasties, we reached this view. WOW! This is one of the reasons I love Utah. You can see red rocks like this and a few miles later see the green mountains(see my Prehistoric Lace post for those).


margene said...

Yes Utah is so beautiful and so is CO. Estes was fabulous. Thank you for the hug and taking a minute to say hello!

CynCyn said...

your sock is coming along so quickly! I suppose if you get nostalgic for UT, you can drive west to Red Rocks or down south to Garden of the Gods?

Chris said...

Thanks for sharing the lovely scenery (and cute prairie dogs)!

Andrea said...

Maybe they're voles? I have a hard time telling small furry critters like that apart. :)