Saturday, June 17, 2006

Amazing Lace Challenge #2

Prehistoric Extreme Knitting

Back in Time

The Beginning of the Trek

As you may remember from our introduction, Beginner's Triangle is a very elitist project and she was none too pleased to have to share the spotlight with Trekking sock. With Little Diva and Little Rage in tow, we headed into the prehistoric era for some knitting and playing.

Some of the parks inhabitants thought these were treats brought for snacking. He showed his teeth and Beginner's Triangle showed her needles and coerced trekking into doing the same--it was a stalemate.

Beginner's Triangle was very impressed by this display and looked for pointers she could use in fending off other projects. Trekking sock was not impressed.

Momma bird wanted to knit but couldn't find a babysitter(or hands). Our day in the park was fun for Trekking sock, Diva, Rage, and I. Beginner's Triangle was nursing a couple of skewers from Trekking and made it clear she was not cut out for prehistoric outings :)


CynCyn said...

SO glad you made it back from UT in time for Estes. That lace weight deep red yarn better have followed you home...

Lucia said...

Amazing, Kim! One thing knitblogging has done for me is lengthened the list of places I must visit. I hope you show us a close-up of BT soon: it's hard not to be a bit of a prima donna when your colors are so beautiful.

Chris said...

Great pictures!

Wool Girl said...

I really enjoyed your post!