Tuesday, May 09, 2006

My Summer Reading List

Remember, back in the day, when you used to have a list of required reading for summer? Well, I'm trying to get my personal summer reading list ready. I figure all the shows I watch will be in reruns, I'll be outside with the kiddos a lot(perfect reading time), and there is nothing better than the warm sun and a good read.

Here's the list:

(1) Lord of the Rings(I STILL haven't read this)

(2) The Belgariad

(3) The Black Jewels Trilogy

(4) Eldest

(5) Danse Macabre

(6) Dark Side of the Moon

(7) Finish rereading Harry Potter(I only need to get through 4-6)

(8) Finish rereading the Dark Hunter series(I only have 3 more and I need to get them done before Dark Side of the Moon comes out)

(9) Read one of the Knit the Classics summer books.

Summer Reading List

So what will all of you be reading this summer(or at least be attempting to read this summer--if you're like me you may set the bar a little high)?


Ramona said...

I have actually been thinking about that very question. I have a stack of books to be read.

CynCyn said...

I won't have a list, though I do have a TBR (to be read) stash. It's my "just in case they stop making books" stash. I'll be popping into the used book stores this summer and hording books to read during my summer off.

Stephanie said...

You will love the Belgariad. It's one of my favorite series - the characters are well done.

Miriam said...

that sort of freaked me out for a sec.... Danse Macabre is the title of an album by "The Faint" which I love.... but yes, the Belgariad is good. Plot is never thick on teh ground in ANY eddings book, but the characters are great, as usual. As are HP 4-6. You'll love them, I'm sure :)

Guernseygal said...

An Interesting selection. If you like the Sherrilyn Kenyon novels you should read the latest Kinley Macgregor (same woman different pen name) It's part of a new series called The Lords of Avalon - the setting is Camelot after the fall of Arthur when Morgen le Faye has taken over. It is pretty much like the DH novels but in a historical setting. If you are still stuck I have also just finished The Historian which is a modern day Bram Stoker type Dracula novel - loads of historical detail and an intersting plot. That should help keep you busy until the new DH novel comes out :-)

Kim said...

Thanks for all the recommendations :)

Chris said...

Dang, you ARE ambitious! :)