Friday, May 26, 2006

Booking Through Thursday and SBQ

Booking Through Thursday

  1. What are the last five books that you finished reading? Unleash the Night, Sins of the Night, Seize the Night, Night Play, and Kiss of the Night all by Sherrilyn Kenyon

  2. How long did it take you to read them? Two months total.

  3. Did you enjoy reading these books? Why or why not? Yes, I have actually read all of them before but I wanted to reread them because the next book in the series is coming out next week(Dark Side of the Moon) and I wanted to refresh my memory on some back stories before I start the new one. The main storylines are just romantic stuff(fluff), but I'm trying to figure out more about one of the recurring characters.

Booking Through Thursday

This week's questions were suggested by Cate.

Have you ever stumbled on a reading and found the author so charming you started reading their books? Or, have you ever met a formerly favorite author and stopped reading their works because of how they treated their fans?

The only authors I have ever met are through book signings that I chose to go to. The authors that I have quit reading in the past were both because of storylines that started getting boring or too weird(Anne Rice and Terry Goodkind).

Today's SBQ was suggested by Nancy
and is:

What is your favorite specialty stitch? Which one is your least
favorite? Why?

I'm going to start with my least favorite--it is hands down the FRENCH KNOT. I cannot make them work for the life of me--I'll use beads or regular crosses just to avoid them. I'm not sure that I have a favorite stitch(I don't do a lot of pieces that require them), but if I had to pick one I'd say the Smyrna Cross.

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Kerry said...

Gee, I wonder which Kenyon character that might be?

I succumbed and ordered the hardcover of Dark Side of the Moon, which is either complicated or expensive (or sometimes both) from New Zealand.

Still, there are four of us sharing the cost and hanging out to read it. :-)

margene said...

Anyone can do a French Knot. There are a couple of things that help make it perfect. Never wrap more than once. If you want a fatter knot then ply up the thread. When you wrap and just before you pull the needle through, pull the thread snug around the needle, then gentle pull the needle through the fabric. If you are on linen it often works best if you stitch over an intersection of threads. Good luck!

Nicki said...

I've just finished my second Kenyon - Night Pleasures. Loved it. Almost all the others are on request from the library now!