Sunday, April 02, 2006

Stashalong--the Final Update!

Stephanie asked what the Stashalong Losers get. First, I wouldn't say anyone was a loser for leaving Stashalong--getting yarn is always a good thing. If you would like one of the buttons, take one(just note the dates you participated beneath it--after all you may not have finished but you did hang in there for a while!)


Here's how I finished up:

Stashalong Start

Stashalong Finish
**Little Diva's Top Down Raglan
**Little Rage's hooded sweater(which still needs to be seemed--I'm not knitting on anything until it is--enough is enough already)
**garter stitch scarf
**2 mini sweaters(for Christmas decorations)

Yesterday's Purchases

: got some KnitPicks yarn.


: during Stashalong she made a crocheted cat, 3 Mini Weasleys, Baby Cardigan, Postcards for swap, Itty Bitty Bear, Vinter Lue, Pot holder/hot mat, House Unity Hat, Womb, Another crocheted cat, Finished circular shawl.

: got some gift yarn(Brooks Farm no less) and got into her doctoral program(congrats!)

: flashed her stash(very impressive). She finished these during Stashalong: Sweater with wide collar, Several cable knit purses, Sweet baby pullover set, Yvette's poncho, my Big Sack Sweater, and a wrap cardi.

: got some gift STR.

: got a delicious looking chocolate gift basket and is planning a major yarn shopping trip.


: is continuing for another 3 months.

: finished during Stashalong a Seaman's Shawl, Shari's Socks, Peg's Scarf, Horseshoe lace scarf, Baby blanket, Hank's Vest--most of these she designed herself :) And she has an impressive list of what she is buying now that we are done!

: finished: Spherey, Harry Potter Book Scarf, Ribbon Scarf, Texas Socks, Knitty Gritty Boots, Skirt, Sockapaloooza socks. "If I've learned anything from this, it's that I am a much slower knitter than I ever seem to assume when buying yarn. I've finished a lot of projects in the last three months, and I haven't really made a dent in the stash." She is planning a Knit Picks purchase.

: went on a buying frenzy(Cascade 220, Cascade EcoWool, and Cascade Eco +, Malabrigo, KP Merino Style, Shadow, and Gossamer, Manos and Louet Gems, Lorna's Laces and Bollicine by Cascade, Crystal Palace Squiggle). She also ordered yarn for Eris and has decided to Stashalong for the rest of the year!


: is gearing up for the Wool Festival buying season.




: has embarked on a yarn buying adventure of epic proportions(I can't wait to see what you get).



: "I actually did very well with this Stashalong. I didn't buy any new yarn - and I'm totally OK with it!! I didn't need it. During the months I really didn't use up too much of the old yarn, but I got LOTS from SPs - so I am set for awhile."

: finished HP scarf and her first pair of socks. ". . .the addiction to knitting and yarn had to go somewhere. I now need to by a bookshelf display the knitting books I purchased!! It really was a fun 3 months and I've met some new bloggers!."(I did the same thing Wendy)

Thoughts on Stashalong(from the departed):

Margene: "What I learned on the StashAlong. Look in the stash first and knit the projects you love most. Be discretionary in all purchases and only buy if it is a very good deal or you may never see it again and then you may still not need to indulge every time. And lastly├é…I will never do a StashAlong again!"

Wanda: "I think it's a great idea and I did manage to go 2.5 months without buying yarn and that was longer than any other time, I think, so it was good too."

Winnie: "I think it's a great idea and I did manage to go 2.5 months without buying yarn and that was longer than any other time, I think, so it was good too."


Wanda said...

Is that seriously all the stash you have? If so, I so don't like you!!

Ramona said...

You did awesome! Thanks for all your hard work.

CynCyn said...

oh dang. you hosted a 3 month stashalong b/c you had what? 15 balls of yarn? that means i need to do the 2 year stashalong (truthfully, more like 5 yrs). crap.

congrats on the new trekking. i bought quite a bit of sock yarn this weekend as well!

Kim said...

For the record, that is by no means all the stash I have, it's just what I pulled to try and work through during Stashalong :)

Deena said...

Thanks for organizing this KAL. It's been a blast! It looks you made your way through your stash as well. Now, off to a LYS!!

Lauren said...

Thanks so much for doing this! I enjoyed it so much and I almost look forward to the rest of the year on the new blog!

Laura said...

Look at that stash reduction, gf! WTG. :-) Kudos as well to everyone who made it through. Three months is a long time to go without stash enrichment.

Michelle said...

Thanks for hosting the stashalong. I wish I had better self control to make it to the end but I'm very happy to have made it as far as I did. I just need to quit with the impulse buys and I should be ok. Congratulations for any of the folks that stuck it out. It was a challenge and deserves a huge Kudos!

Andrea said...

Incidentally, I remained totally faithful to the SAL - but the fact that I hardly even touched knitting in the entire time probably contributed a lot. Hee. Told you I was in a serious lull...