Saturday, April 15, 2006

Recent Acquisitions

Recent Acquisitions

Recent Acquisitions:

(1)Mason Dixon Knitting--Love it! I bought it for the Log Cabin Blanket pattern, but fell in love with everything in it!

(2)Aran Sweater Design--I'm still going through this one, but it's autographed and it looks like it's a wealth of design information(something I've really been wanting to try--aim high I say).

(3) Japanese Knitting Stitches--Joanne turned me on to this book--I think it's the perfect companion for the Crossed in Translation book because it actually shows you how the symbols/stitches used in Japanese Patterns.

(5) One Skein--I love this book there are quite a few things I would like to try.

(6) Knitting Rules--I have only skimmed it so far, but you can never go wrong with Harlot :)

My Easter Basket :)
DH was actually off today--unbelievable for a Saturday and I got to go out sans children for a change. First stop was the cross stitch shop and lucky me all cross stitch fabric was 20% off. So I got two quarter yard pieces of 25 count Lugana(I would have liked a bigger piece but that was all they had in the color/fabric/stitch count I wanted)--and ultra awesome shop that it is, they serged the pieces for me so no fraying :) I also got a cute cross stitch key chain with I'm contemplating turning into a stitch marker and a sheep needle work magnet(for you non stitchers you put the sheep on the outside of your piece and the magnet underneath it so that it can hold your needle when you have to put your stitching down). Then it was off to String where I got a 40" size 2 addi(to try Magic Loop) and two skeins of cotton(35% off no less) for a summer tank for Little Diva. Finally, the skein of Opal was a giftie from Cynthia--I promised to give it a good home :)


Lucia said...

I have to check out that Aran sweater book. I did just buy Fiona Ellis's book, but lurve me them cables.

Eggs are great too!

Chris said...

Lots of fun stuff there! I just finished reading Knitting Rules! and loved it.

Stacey said...

That looks like a great Easter basket!! Happy Easter Kim!

Marina said...

I just got the Mason-Dixon knitting. I think I'll be doing the log cabin too! Been looking at Arans but am leaving that for next year.

Happy Easter to you and the family.

Laura said...

Mason-Dixon and Knitting Rules are both on my own wish list, gf. Enjoy! :-)

Procrastiknitter said...

I love Knitting Rules and the M/D book. I'm really interested in the One Skein book however. I also am working on the afghan on page 78 (M/D) but with my own kind of edge.