Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Week 13 of 13(and there was much rejoicing!)

Week 13 of 13--can you believe it? REMEMBER: We actually have to make it through Friday, March 31 at midnight--I have the utmost faith in those of you who have made it so far.

I will run through the remaining Stashalongers on Saturday, April 1 so if you have any closing thoughts or want to share some yarn purchases made on Saturday then post it or leave me a comment(listing what you have finished--as some of you already have or showing how your stash has decreased is a good start, I think). Thanks to each and every one of you for joining me in this madness(yes, even those of you who jumped ship--you tried and no one can fault you for that). I have enjoyed joining up with old friends and meeting some new ones on this 3 month journey--you are quite a talented bunch!

Onto the update:

Good gravy people!?!?! I disappear for a week and look at the carnage I come back to?!?! The final moment of silence(hopefully):

Kim: Let's see. Here's my Project Spectrum piece for March--it's a top down Raglan for me from Cascade Quattro. It won't be done by the end of the month as I didn't take it with me on my trip. I did, however, start some socks on the plane.

Project Spectrum and Airplane Knitting

Okay--someone please, please, please explain to me what my problem is with finishing Rage's sweater? I only have one side to seam and I swear that I find any excuse not to get it done(I actually cleaned the bathrooms rather than work on it--that is insanity)?!?!

Amanda: has made a major dent in her stash since starting Stashalong, finished her Project Spectrum blanket, and she has some great sewing KALs in the works.

Andrea: on a warm vacation--I hope you had a great time!!

Ann: finished a gorgeous shawl!

Cynthia: got a couple of books, crocheted some squares(looking good!), and is working on a great trekking sock :) Had a Stashalong near miss, but has hopefully made it to the end!

Deena: finished a darling baby sweater set, finished a poncho, finished the wrap cardi, started Sack Sweater and the Somewhat Cowl.

Eliza: finished some socks and is working on some more, joined WIP wipe out to get her stuff under control(I hear you there!), and it looks like she had some type of ball winder and/or cat attack incident while winding some STR.

Hanne: made a sweater for her son to wear to a Bob Marley Jr. concert(cool!) and shared the pleasure and pain of working with kidsilk haze and birch.

Jerry: got a secret pal giftie :)

Joanne: got some yarn for some new designs(her designing is a Stashalong exemption), is working on a rambling rows jacket, started some socks, and shared her "Knitters Anonymous Yarn Patch."

K: finished a gorgeous Koigu baby blanket(her own design no less!!), is choosing yarn for her diamond fantasy project(I like #4 or #5), and went to Florida for a sunset wedding(how romanitc).

Katie: finished her knitted boots, made a lot of sheepy stitch markers(for sale if you are interested--they are super cute!), finished her Texas socks, sewed a skirt, sewed some bunnies, and finished her sock pal socks.

Lauren: finished some STR socks, is working on toe up socks, is working on a baby sundress, if I counted correctly I believe there are at least three more pairs of socks in progress as well, and is still plugging along on Mariah.

Marina: Started and finished Roscalie and Larstorp during Stashlaong; didn't add to her stash; she also finished Russian River, Baltic, Cabled Cardigan; is actively working on Luskentyre, Queen Anne's Lace, Diamond Lace Stole, and Grant Avenue.

Norma: finished a mismatched pair of socks(and will soon be starting their mates), and is making a Dulaan cardi.

Procrastiknitter: is working on a feather and fan afghan, refashioned two skirts for her daughters(they were jeans/now they're skirts with knit borders--cute idea!!), and she got a couple of new knitting books.

Ramona: is working on a sock, got her STR club package(I'm envious and jealous of all of you who got that, but I'm glad I get to see it virtually anyway), and shared her project Spectrum Red.

Ruth: made a darling Blue's Clues gift basket, finished some socks, and finished a long lost scarf gift(good for you, my longest WIP is a scarf for my daughter).

Tam: is working on a baby blanket and posted a blog spring cleaning list(very informative).

Theresa: is working on Branching Out and some hats, shared some lovely red WIPs, finished a strawberry hat, finished some socks, and showed off many sock WIPs.

Tracy: has been reacquainted with cross stitch, is working on some sewing projects(like a needle case).

Valerie: has been getting ready to promote her book(good luck!)

Wendy: made a lot of stitch markers, is working on socks, is working on a HP scarf, and found yarn for a class project in her stash!

***If you are interested in continuing the madness--now or in the future--join us at the new home for Stashalong***


margene said...

Maybe you are suffering from separation anxiety and just can't bear to finish up the sweater. ;-)
What I learned on the StashAlong. Look in the stash first and knit the projects you love most. Be discretionary in all purchases and only buy if it is a very good deal or you may never see it again and then you may still not need to indulge every time. And lastly…I will never do a StashAlong again! Thanks for a good ride, Kim.

Chris said...

I learned that placing a restriction on myself that I can't buy/do something just makes me desire to buy/do that thing more. I think I'm just too contrary. But for me, the best part of Stashalong were the great knitbloggers I might not otherwise have met.

CynCyn said...

woot woot! So glad I didn't get kicked out. I will WILL be strong to the end, even though certain someones who haven't made it have been trying to tempt me to the dark side.

Stephanie said...

See what happens when you aren't keeping an eye on us?? :)

candsmom said...

Love that Cascade Quattro colorway! That's going to be such a beautiful sweater. And hmmm.... I really dislike seaming, but I'd have to say that I probably dislike cleaning bathrooms even more, LOL! You're too funny! Take care, Kim! :-)

Jerry & Maxy said...

Thank you so much for creating this wonderful experience, Kim. The stashalong motivated me to find a pattern for yarn five years languishing, and I'm almost half way through it - my first top down sweater :). It also helped me control my impulse yarn purchases...I have plenty of yarn to keep me busy for a while.

I look forward to rejoining the Stashalong in April. Can you please add me to the list?

Thanks again, Kim!

Wanda said...

Ehh, I don' tknow if I will do the Stashalong again, of course I am one of the ones who fell off the wagon! I think it's a great idea and I did manage to go 2.5 months without buying yarn and that was longer than any other time, I think, so it was good too.

Finish up Little Rage's sweater!! You just have to get to the point where you just want it done. I had a little baby sweater lounging around and finally when I started seaming up my Bliss cardi, I just made myself weave in the ends, so I wouldn't carry the "weight" of that stupid sweater around with me anymore.

Marina said...

Thanks for creating and running the StashAlong, Kim. I think I can go for a couple more months. Please sign me up!

By the way, I've finished the Diamond lace.

Bear Knits said...

Kim - Thanks for the Stashalong! Although I got booted off, I was able to finish off some WIPs from 2005.

Mod Girl said...

I actually did very well with this Stashalong. I didn't buy any new yarn - and I'm totally OK with it!! I didn't need it. During the months I really didn't use up too much of the old yarn, but I got LOTS from SPs - so I am set for awhile (and I still have a gift cert at a LYS!)
Thanks KIM! This was a good idea!!!