Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Stashalong--Week 11 of 13

Week 11--can you believe it?! I can tell you that I am reaching the breaking point--I have an overwhelming need for sock yarn--NEW sock yarn. But I haven't caved yet and I'm sure I won't; it's just getting tough that's all.

I found a new KAL that goes hand in hand with my personal Stashalong goals:

You know the drill--a moment of silence please:

Kim: Answer me this: Why can't I finish Rage's sweater? All it needs is seaming--not even all the seaming; just one side? That is my mission for next week.

Amanda: 5 out 25 for WTW, 2 scarves for WTW, and began a granny square blanket.

Andrea: nothing to report.

Ann: finished a cute crocheted kitty, wants to start a prayer shawl, and some fingerless gloves.

Cynthia: finished her Noro Shrug, is off to NYC for an interview(and possibly and Stashalong downfall), and has 7(or maybe more) WIPs.

Deena: still working on Shani(hope the sleeves workout soon), is working on a baby gift, and is trying to finish a gift poncho.

Eliza: finished her sockapaloooza socks, got a lovely knitted bag, started a modified Cheri.

Hanne: finished a Noro Design with yarn she dyed herself, finished China, finished a Debbie Bliss unstructured coat, finished Melody(but is going to frog it as it doesn't fit well), finished Splendour, finished Hera and Butterfly(whew!--wipes brow--you've been busy!!)

Jerry: life has intruded on knitting time(although there was a bit of ripping done)--hope everything slows down soon!

Joanne: ordered some Japanese knitting books(one in particular deals with interpreting symbols--it sounds very useful!), took a class with Sally Melville, and spend some time with knitting author Donna Druchunas.

K: finished a vest(it still needs some tweaking) and is trying to find her way through a baby blanket.

Kat: has blocked a sweater(but it still needs seamed), is working on Crusoe socks, is working on a Dulaan scarf, finished Brazilian, and has 3 secret projects and a baby blanket on deck.

Kate: nothing new to report.

Katie: is working on socks, Samus is ready for seaming, is still working on her boots, and showed off her red(I still need to do that).

Lauren: is working on Mariah and some Jaywalkers.

Margene: finished Seaweed and will be participating in the Mountain Lace KAL.

Marina: is working on solving her Grant Avenue sleeve dilemma, is almost done with Roscalie, is working on Grant Avenue, is working on Luskentyre, and is working on Queen Anne's Lace. **If you haven't stopped by Marina's blog you should--it's always a treat to see what she is working on :)

Nicola: nothing to report.

Norma: has 8 WIPs and finished two baby hats.

Procrastiknitter: finished a little shrug.

Ramona: made it home safely from her ski trip.

Ruth: is having Jaywalker issues, is working on some Birkenstock socks, survived a shopping trip with Stacey, is working on an afghan square, and is trying to decide what to make for her sock pal.

Stephanie: found a site with glow in the dark yarn(cool!), knit some WTW squares, and started a scarf.

Susan: Kool aid dyed some yarn(it looks great)and finished her 3rd Mountain Stream scarf(if you like it join the KAL).

Tam: is working on a baby blanket and finished some baby "uggs" and a matching hat.

Theresa: is working on some Friday Harbor socks and has 5 other projects on the needles.

Tracy: finished a sock, started a cross stitch project(hurray!!)and finished her sockapaloooza socks.

Valerie: nothing to report.

Wanda: is almost done with Bliss, is working on Fair Isle Jazz, and cast on for two socks.

Wendy: nothing to report.

Winnie: needs to seam To Dye For and may succumb to the siren song of Peace Fleece.

**I wanted to give you all a heads up. I may have to leave town suddenly in the immediate future. My Grandfather(who is almost 100) is in the hospital(in NY) and things are looking very grim(Friday he was recovering from surgery and doing well--today he has pneumonia, heart problems, and is in and out of lucidity). I'll try to post something here if I have to leave. If I do have to leave, I may miss an update, I have tried so hard to keep up with this but obviously family has to come first. I just didn't want you to think I was bailing on all of you or anything.


margene said...

Do what you have to do for your family! We'll just play while you're away;-)
I'll pray for you and your grandfather.

Lucia said...

I'm not a Stashalonger, but please, family does come first. I do look forward to your updates and may even join a future Stashalong, if any.

Marina said...

When the cat's away, ...

Positive thoughts and prayers for your grandfather and family.

candsmom said...

My thoughts and prayers are with your family and your grandfather. Sending best wishes and positive thoughts and energy your way. Take good care, Kim!

Bear Knits said...

I'll be keeping your grandfather and your family in my prayers. Take care!

Stephanie said...

Good luck with your Grandfather!!

Week 11 - I'm surprised there are any of us left....

Ramona said...

Best wishes for your family.

Wanda said...

Kim, I'm so sorry to hear about your grandfather. We all totally understand and if you've got to go, you've got to do that. I'll keep your grandfather in my prayers as well. Thanks for all your hard work for keeping us with us during the Stashalong.

Chris said...

My thoughts are with you and your family right now, Kim! Take care...

Jerry & Maxy said...

Of course, family first. My thoughts are with you and your family, Kim.

Wendy said...

we know you wouldn't bailout. You've been great! During this stressful and difficult time, remember to take good care of yourself too!! my thoughts are with you. Hope things go well.

Norma said...

You've done a remarkable job of doing the updates. We'll definitely give you some time off....and we mice won't play too much while the cat is away, heehee.

Ruth said...

Of course family must come first!! I'll be thinking of you and your Grandfather.

K said...

Positive vibes headed out to your grandfather and the family. Definitely family comes first. You are an inspiring stashalong leader and we will all try to do you proud if you need to sit with your family.


Laura said...

I'm sorry to hear that your grandfather is unwell. Hoping that he makes a speedy and full recovery. It would be so cool if you can all gather to help celebrate his 100th birthday!

Liz said...

Best wishes for you and your family.