Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Stashalong--Week 10 of 13

Stashalong--the joyous journey continues. If you are interested in continuing or spreading the madness, I'll have a post up at the Stashalong's new home in the next couple of days. You are, of course, welcome to join up anytime(and in the new format you only have to do a month at a time--which I plan on utilizing when I have a project I really want to get done--but I'll be taking at least a month off first).

Two more have sailed off into the yarn buying sunset--so you know what that means, right? Another moment of silence---

Onto the update:


The Sweetheart Gryffindor Hat is done :)

Gryffindor Sweetheart Hat(in toque form)

Gryffindor Sweetheart Hat(in regular form) and in the background the reason today's post was late :)

Amanda: finished Cinnamon, is working on a WTW blanket that doubles as a Project Spectrum project, has a list of projects to be started for this month, finished a couple snowflakes and a meditation mat.

Andrea: nothing to report.

Ann: made a gorgeous paper piece for "Girl's Day", got her gold medal(congrats!), and is crocheting a cat(which she has finished!!).

Brianne: has made a pair of very lucky socks(send some luck my way!), got a SP7 package, and used some Christmas gift certificates to get some yummy yarn.

Cynthia: is almost finished with her Noro Shrug.

Deena: is still working on her Olympic sweater(that she's designing herself), will be teaching another class(congrats!), and got some great yarn in a swap.

Eliza: made a gorgeous bag for Susan, is working on Child's First Sock(Nancy Bush), and has finished some bags.

Hanne: finished Mist.

Hayley: nothing to report.

Jerry: finished Clapotis.

Joanne: worked on her Rainbow Jacket and worked on Diane(her own design).

Justsewcrafty: worked on Branching Out, finished a dress for her daughter, finished socks, and finished a dishcloth.

K: worked on a vest, a baby blanket, a Trellis scarf, and a linen lace shawl.

Kat: finished some socks, got an SP7 package, and destashed 31 skeins of yarn in Feb.

Kate: worked on Clapotis II and is knee deep in a bathroom remodel.

Katie: is almost finished with some socks, is working on samus, and is visiting my old stomping grounds.

Lauren: finished fingerless gloves, a shrug, some Jaywalkers; is working on some Jaywalkers, Grace, and Mariah.

Margene: finished Gloria, showed off some of her stunning embroidery, started Cutaway, worked on Seaweed, got a new look for Zeneedle, and got a Better Pal package.

Marina: is working on Roscalie and is rethinking Rona and her yarn.

Nicola: finished one pink ladder sock, is still working on Norwegians, and is heading for the finish line with her mitered blanket.

Norma: finished two blanket squares, is working on what may or may not be a sock, and has some great looking red sock yarn(I really, really, really like that color!)

Procrastiknitter: is in the process of switching up her template.

Ramona: started lacy heart socks, flashed her gorgeous free day yarn purchase(Love it!), and, finally, have a great trip!!

Ronda: nothing to report.

Ruth: finished a red hat, finished Clapotis, and is going to finish some unfinished socks.

Stephanie: finished a blanket, and bought some patterns(I have been doing that too).

Susan: got a stunning bag from Eliza and has a pattern in this month's MagKnits.

Tam: is working on a baby blanket and posted the specs on her gorgeous snowflake sweater!

Theresa: has some socks on(and off and back on) the needles, finished Winter Folly, and finished some socks and mittens and a hat.

Tracy: finished some birthday socks(Happy Birthday, Sam), made a needle roll, got a bunch of books, and is making a necklace for Project Spectrum(gorgeous beads).

Valerie: found out who her fiber godmother was and got some great gifts too!

Wanda: is working on M's sweater, is working on the Bless cardi, and got some "unloved" sock yarn in a swap.

Wendy: is working on an HP scarf, some socks, and a bag. She's also going to work on some stitch markers.

Winnie: finished some socks, finished a OSW, and is reknitting the sweetheart sweater.

Sorry for the late post this week. Little Rage has been puking since Thursday(the doctor said it's a virus and he'll be fine) and that has taken up a lot of my time causing me to run late with Stashalong patrol. This morning I HAD to go and get Goblet of Fire, but I got back to finish this up before lunch and I'm pretty happy about that :) Have a great week, ladies, and hang in there--we're in the homestretch!!


Mod Girl said...

Only 3 more weeks! Yea! Strangely, I find that I am mostly OK with the yarn I already have. Although I have some how acquired an abundance of books & patterns over the last 10 weeks.... How did that happen?
Hope Little Rage is feeling better and that Mom is getting some much needed rest!

Ruth said...

Oh, dear ... I hope the virus passes quickly and Little Rage is feeling better soon.

Love your sweetheart hat!! It's really beautiful.

Laura said...

The hat turned out great! Woohoo!

I'm definitely looking forward to getting my own Goblet of Fire DVD. Ooooh.

Michelle said...

The hat turned out GREAT!
I love the idea of a month at a time Stashalong. Apparently three was a bit much for me. Maybe I could swing every other month or something... Congrats to everyone that has stuck it out. Almost there!

K said...

Love the hat! And the pic with the book behind it. It's like those old portraits...

Marie said...

Hope he feels better!
I wish I had enough discipline to join the stash-along. :P Sure would free up some closet space...

Ann said...

The hat looks wonderful!! Great Job!!!
I hope Little Rage starts feeling better soon. A virus like that has been going around here like crazy. I hope it doesn't get passed on to the rest of the family!
(I can't wait to see the GOF again. A friend of mine bought it yesterday and we are planning a viewing.)

Bear Knits said...

Kim - Thanks for the updates! Gryffindor Hat looks great! I hope Little Diva is feeling better.

I'm with Mod Girl. I've managed to acquire a lot of patterns lately. This Stashalong has also helped me finish off some lingering WIPs.

margene said...

Your hat is fabulous! Nice work. The StashAlong has made me thing more carefully about what I stash and for how long. I like having a stash and when it gets to big to handle it can make me crazy. That said, I'll have a post just for you on Friday.

candsmom said...

Your hat is GORGEOUS!! Beautiful, beautiful work!! I'm so sorry to hear that Little Rage has been so sick. I hope he's feeling better and on the mend soon... I feel for you; puke is no fun for kids or their mamas! Take care, Kim! :-)

Wendy said...

That hat is unbelievably gorgeous and you are an incredible knitter! Did you make up the pattern yourself. sorry to hear little rage is sick again. I heard there was another bug going around.

Marina said...

I love the hat. Well done.

I'm going on vacation the first week of April & will have to skip that month of StashAlong. You know, new cities with yarn stores to explore ;-)

stitchnsnitch said...

At least I got into the post with HP stuff, right?! ;)

Yummy Yarn MJ said...

Beautiful hat! NIcely done, Kim!

- MJ

Jessica / Fig & Plum said...

it's gorgeous - how does it fit? i'd love to see it modeled!